Welcome to My World

“Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”     Oliver Wendell Holmes

As I write my first post, it occurs to me that while I tend to focus primarily on travel photography, perhaps my own backyard is the best place to begin a blogging journey.  This photo, “Golden Hour on Willet Pond”, was recently awarded the cover spot on Naturally Kiawah magazine and is one of my favorites.  Kiawah is a beautiful barrier island in SC which is home to abundant wildlife and beautiful marsh and ocean vistas.  Here are a few examples 🙂

Kiawah Bobcat – No Tripod and no time!

Great Blue Heron Family – Time for Dinner

Al E Gator – Resting or Watching?

Last night my husband and I walked up to the beach to photograph and enjoy a magnificent full moon shining across the ocean.  While awaiting the moonrise, I captured this sunset shot across the marsh.

Sunset on the Marsh

Sunset on the Marsh

Yet another beautiful evening on Kiawah.  And thirty minutes later, voila, the full moon rises.

Moonrise, Kiawah Island

Moonrise, Kiawah Island

So this is home – beautiful, peaceful and rich with opportunities for nature and landscape photography at every turn.  Next time, perhaps something a bit more exotic!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to My World

  1. Tina, this is a great idea and alot can be learned and enjoyed by viewing your blog! Thanks for doing this and keep your photos and comments coming! Sylvia

  2. Dear Tina
    Congratulations on your new Blog. I love to look at your photos and see their specs. Your quotations are inspiring and thought-provoking.

    I feel like a spider on the wall since I didn’t get to any of the KIPC meetings this season. From afar I like the monthly challenges and seeing others’ work. I love to hear what the club is doing and hope some day I will be able to participate. Best, Becky Lepanto

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