Feeding Time at the Rookery

Today I stopped by the egret rookery at Seabrook Island.  Most of the birds have fledged but there was some interesting action in several of the nests.  I was a bit early for the best light, but here are a few of my favorite shots.

Spreading Their Wings

Spreading Their Wings

Free For All

Free For All

Chest to Chest

Chest to Chest



And as an aside, last summer my husband and I drove all over Provence looking for a field of sunflowers but we were about a week too late.  After Seabrook I drove over to Johns Island and found the sunflower field featured in my new header photo right here on Johns Island.  Who knew?!

All photos taken with Nikon D/300s and Nikkor 70-200mm lens

Free For All:  200mm, ISO 400, f/11, 1/100

Spreading Their Wings:   200mm, ISO 400, f/11, 1/125

Chest to Chest:  200mm, ISO 400, f/11, 1/60

Frenzied:  200mm, ISO 400, f/11, 1/125

Sunflowers:  140mm, ISO 400, f/13, 1/160


12 thoughts on “Feeding Time at the Rookery

    • Hi Mary Lynn, It’s near the front of the island about a mile from the gate. We should suggest to Sylvia that we do a photo club trip over there next year when the babies are in the nest. Much closer than Magnolia Swamp!!! They’re all around a small lagoon over there. It’s a bit late this year as most of them are already gone.

      • Hi ladies, I like the idea of a Club field trip to S. Am I correct in guessing you can get much closer to the birds than at MG?
        These are great photos, thanks Tina.

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