Adventurous Blogger Award

Life is either a great adventure or nothing at all.”   

Helen Keller

Many of my followers have taken the time to tell me how much they enjoy reading my blog and seeing my photos.  “Likes” and comments, both written and verbal, mean a great deal to me, and to the other bloggers I know.  Blogging affords an opportunity for our efforts to be seen and appreciated, and it gives us a forum for expressing our ideas and thoughts.  Occasionally someone  reaches out to present us with an award, which is wonderful recognition for a job well-done.  Most recently, Deepali of DeetoursbyDepali recognized Travels and Trifles with the Adventurous Blogger Award.



I love this award in particular because I’m such a fan of adventure.  My husband (above, with me on safari in Botswana – photo by Jane Lurie) does a great job of stirring my enthusiasm for seeing the world and the people in it, and there is nothing more interesting to an avid photographer.  We’ve been very fortunate in our ability to reach far-away places and it seems the more we travel, the longer our bucket list gets.



Anyway, in accordance with the rules of the award, my first step is to answer the 7 questions below:

1. In which country or region would you like your next adventure to be?  China or Turkey; it’s a tough choice—so many places, so little time 🙂
2. Where would you recommend for an adventurous time?   Go anywhere!  Nothing like fresh scenery to stir your enthusiasm for life.  Patagonia and New Zealand were two of my very favorites where adventure is concerned.
3. Most interesting culture? I loved southeast Asia, especially Cambodia. Their people have had such a difficult history yet they remain warm and positive.  So hard to choose just one though – they’ve all been interesting!
4. Favorite activity? That’s an easy one. Photography
5. Most dangerous risk taken? I’d say it’s a toss-up between the Bridge Walk in Sydney, Australia or hiking during a 100 mph windstorm to Laguna de los Tres in Patagonia
6. Favorite quotation? “Life is either a great adventure or nothing at all.”  Helen Keller
7. Happiness is?   Knowing that no matter how much I love to travel, or how fascinating and wonderful each adventure may be, there is STILL no place like home!



Finally, the rules require me to recommend 12 other blogs for the Adventurous Blogger award.  With apologies to the many wonderful bloggers out there that I am NOT naming, my recommendations would be:

Life Through a Lens

Thanks again, Deepali, for recognizing my efforts.

33 thoughts on “Adventurous Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations!!!!!!! You really are an inspiration with your wonderful eye and gift for sharing your thoughts, emotions,etc. Those of us who share your blog are blessed! ML

  2. Congratulations on a well deserved award!! Your adventures are the stuff of dreams to most of us…. My favorite, though, is the seemingly perfect pearl earrings while on safari!! We should all look so good, Tina…

  3. Just awesome! The succinctness of your words says volumes of what you have photographed. Tank you from all of us to see the world through your eyes and soul.

  4. Congratulations on your award and great post! Well deserved. That memory of having a cocktail together made with glacial ice is the best. Thanks for your nomination of me. Appreciate your blog and your writing and glad that I’ve shared many of those adventures with you, friend.

  5. Congratulations, Tina.

    I always enjoy your postings and I look forward to checking out some of the blogs you have listed. Always inspirational as i make my way in beginning photography.


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