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Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise / Word-A-Week: Wood

“Christmas is not a time, nor a season, but a state of mind.”

Calvin Coolidge


Christmas week is upon us.  For many, myself included, that means  travel, family, chaos (in a good way!), changes in daily routine and fairly drastic diet impact.  Yes, it’s only once a year and let’s face it, it’s FUN, so relax and enjoy it.  But first, let us take a moment to simply breathe in the beauty all around us.  You may be surprised to find how much more you’ll enjoy the chaos if you enter it from a place of inner peace.

To all of my friends, family and followers, my very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

NOTE: This post is linked to the Weekly Photo Challenge: surprise (here), Jake’s Sunday Post: Christmas (here), and to the Word-a-week Challenge: Wood (here).  Check them out for some fun holiday posts!


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise / Word-A-Week: Wood Leave a comment

  1. Beautiful! Where did you ever find that? Never seen anything like that. Safe travels and a Merry Merry to you and Baily as well

  2. and a merry merry , happy happy to you & Bailey & your families as well!!
    Thank you for the beautiful journey in 2012…look forward to more visual adventures in 2013…..

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