Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique / Sunday Post: HOPE

“A unicorn is somebody who knows they’re magical and isn’t afraid to show it.”

Brittany S. Pierce



I try very hard to post only high-quality photos, but I could not resist posting an awful photo I took last night with my i-phone (a great reminder to ALWAYS have a camera with you!).  We were out with friends in downtown Charleston, SC when I saw this unicorn walking along on the opposite side.  Nope, not an ad or a promotion for the store behind her.  I waited for a stop light to change and crossed over to ask her for a close-up; she happily obliged 🙂



I asked her why the Unicorn head and she answered “Just for fun.”  I’m not sure if it was the current Weekly Photo Challenge, “Unique”, that prompted me to take the photos or if the moment simply demanded saving, but whatever the reason, I felt like sharing it with my friends in the blogosphere. To me, it was the definition of UNIQUE 🙂

On another note, Jake’s Sunday Post this week is “HOPE”.  So, do you think she HOPED to be noticed?  Did she HOPE if she wore the head she’d feel mythical and fantastic?  Is she HOPING to “Pump up at the Planet”? Should we all HOPE that more people develop a light-hearted spirit and become willing to look ridiculous in the HOPE that they will bring a smile to someone else’s day?  I’m not sure, but I do HOPE you enjoyed this one 🙂

For more entries in the Weekly Photo Challenge, click here .  For more on Jake’s Sunday Post, look here.


58 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique / Sunday Post: HOPE

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  2. dear Tina,
    now I remember, that I once answered, when a little girl asked me, that no unicorn exists. Then the little girl cried a river, I felt very bad. Oh if I had your photo already as a document!

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  5. This whole scene you captured cracked me up ! Before I saw the Unicorn saw the sign ” Pump up at the Planet”. … There is a good reason I am not behind the Lens! Delightful reflection …. Hope –

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  11. Good one! It was fun to be with you for that one! Love her sense of humor and your always alert eye for the new and individual!

  12. This has to be my all time favorite… sometimes things find you.. just think you didn’t have to travel continents or time zones. “Unique ” and “Hope” right in front of you on King st. maybe.? The best Tina!

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