Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in the Details

“Art is all in the details.”

Christian Marclay



This week we’ve been challenged to get “Lost in the Details”, which as a photographer is one of my favorite things.  Often times, such as in the photos above and below, we see things that we would otherwise have missed.  I’d definitely have missed this little tree frog, which was no more than a few inches in length and fit neatly inside his chosen leaf 🙂



“The details are not the details.  They make the design.”

Charles Eames

Without focusing our lens on detail, we might never see the delicate lace pattern on what would otherwise have been viewed as a weed, or the intricacies of an egret’s wings as she stretches to clean them.






“Details create the big picture.”

Sanford Weill

And what about the beauty of her eggs, hidden in a nest of twigs built lovingly by the egret and her mate?



Nature creates amazing patterns on some of her smallest creatures, who in turn create patterns of their own.



“In a major matter, no details are small.”

Paul De Gondi

A grand landscape or a beautiful portrait can be a feast for the eyes.  But let us remember to recognize and appreciate the little things hiding so carefully behind the big picture.  To enjoy more of them, visit the other entries in this week’s challenge here.

106 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in the Details

  1. I loved the photos – they are superb! I particularly liked the spider shot (I’m partial to them). I saw diane s’s note about the ants and have to say, I didn’t spot them the first time either.


  2. All stunning. I love the detail of the egret eggs, and that shade of turquoise is sublime. Nature at it’s best!

  3. May be the best collection of photos ever from you, although there is a lot of competition from prior ones.
    I’m going with the dandelion.

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  5. wow! beautiful and amazing shots elicited many comments! Between you and Jane – I think I’ll just put my camera up and enjoy the sensory overload I get from you all! ML

  6. Thank you for asking about the Glass Winged Butterfly on my blog about Details. It brought me here. You are very talented, thank you for sharing your gift.

  7. just love all of these details….u r so right in that we would normally miss them….thanks for pointing them out!!

    • Thanks for your comment-yes, it was a fun surprise to find the ants when I downloaded the photos from the day. We were in a glorious orchid garden in Thailand and while the flower photos were lovely, the ant shot was my favorite 🙂

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    • Thanks Jerry – clearly we share a weird sense of humor. My husband said he loved that shot. I asked him if he “got” the title. Nope 😦 Opposites attract, right?!

  9. Just have to ask which lens you chose for the Macro pictures. All are wonderful. Camellia and dandelion are outstanding. Egrets to be was hard to get and very well done.

    • Hi Kathy, and thanks so much for your lovely compliments. The photos are a mix. All of the shots were with my 70-200mm Nikkor lens except for the eggs and the ants, which were with my 18-200 Nikkor. Both are great lenses but the 70-200 is extraordinary!

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  11. The camellia is incredible, the cabbage very interesting, but I like the eggs the best! They really caught my attention.

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  15. Wow those teeny ants you captured! But then, all of these are gorgeous. Delicate dandelion — you can imagine the feel of the wind on the way…
    My personal fav is the one with the eggs. Beautiful.

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