Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up / Sunday Post: Captivating

“The eyes are blind.  One must look with the heart.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery



Let’s face it, everybody loves a cute baby.  🙂  Size not-withstanding, this is a very young bear cub showing us that indeed,  “babies” of all kinds DO love their thumbs.  We looked up to see him in a tree above our heads on a wonderful adventure at Alaska’s magnificent Brooks Falls.  Mama, by the way, was waiting patiently on-guard down below.

My header photograph is also from Brooks, where the salmon very nearly jump directly into the mouths of the bears.  Yes, it’s just as exciting as you’d imagine so I was more than happy to be using my 70-200 mm zoom to capture these beautiful animals.  This was definitely not a time for “sneaker zoom”!

48 thoughts on “Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up / Sunday Post: Captivating

  1. This morning I will launch a post nominating you for the “Illuminating Blog Award.” Everyone has an individual leaning one way or the other about these awards. Even if you do not accept it, please know that in the nomination comes a heartfelt appreciation for the chance to know you and your work through this blogging life.

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  3. You must have been thrilled when you were taking this shot, I don’t know how you kept your camera steady. I would have been shaking with excitement. I’m amazed at how long this little guys “fingers” are on his massive paws. The better to catch salmon with, right?

    • Funny you say that. I was SO excited. He was quite close by and had 2 other cubs with him climbing the tree while mama watched. None of the shots of the family or the 3 cubs was very good because I was so frenetic! Thanks for your comment Elisa. 🙂

  4. The Little Prince is always a great book to quote. It’s written simply enough that when I studied French in high school I was able to read it (part of which I did with the book held under my desk in physics class). I don’t recall any bears in the story, but maybe there was one in there with the elephant hidden under the hat.

  5. Great shot – amazing the mama let you get so close! I’m a titch envious of the header bear catching such a nice fish!

    • LOL – thanks ML. Believe it or not, there were 2 fishermen fly-fishing a few hundred yards downstream. There are so many salmon the bears didn’t even bother with them!

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