A Personal Landmark – Reaching 500



This evening Jordan of Rookie Photographer became travelsandtrifles’  500th subscriber.  I’d like to personally thank him, as well as each and every one of my other followers for their support and encouragement as I’ve made my way along this journey.  I started Travels and Trifles just under 11 months ago, and it’s been a wonderful experience.  It’s given me an opportunity to speak my mind and to share my passion for photography.  It’s opened my eyes and my mind to other countries, cultures and people around our ever-shrinking world.  I’ve learned a lot and have enjoyed seeing the art and reading the thoughts of so many talented bloggers.

So thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart. Check out Jordan’s blog here  And as always, happy blogging !

57 thoughts on “A Personal Landmark – Reaching 500

    • Thanks Bente. I’m actually enjoying the photography a bit more because of the blog. It’s nice to have it share d by so many people. Thanks for your comments.

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  1. Congratulations!!!!! Wow that is amazing!! All is great in Cleveland. Love my studio and new digs! Have a fabulous day! Sandy

  2. So well deserved Tina 🙂 Your photography and quotes and views of the world are special . It’s always good to see a new post on travelsandtrifles !
    🙂 Hug from ‘senior blogger ‘
    Lol xx

  3. As one of your early followers it has been interesting to watch, both the scope and reach. Can’t stop now. Congratulations!

  4. Well done Tina, a remarkable and well deserved achievement. May your blogging life continue to grow in every way that gives you satisfaction, enjoyment and connection with your community. Chris G

  5. Congrats hon and well deserved. I do so love your blog and photo’s. It’s just as amazing as you are. 🙂 *big hugs*

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