Word-A-Week – SLEEP

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.”

The Tokens



Suellewellyn’s Word-A-Week challenge “SLEEP” reminded me of some favorite moments from our African safari.Β  We saw lions doing all kinds of things, but mostly, the king of the jungle was catching up on his zzzzz’s !



“Cats have it all; admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it.”

Rod McKuen



In fact though, you never REALLY know if they’re sleeping or just faking it…..



“The king ought not to be awakened from sleep.”


So be sure to use a long lens as the lion sleeps tonight……Or does he?! πŸ˜‰

Before signing off, I’d like to thank Sonel of Sonel’s CornerΒ for nominating me for the the WordPress Family Award.Β  As I’ve said before, I sincerely appreciate the recognition of my fellow bloggers but do not reciprocate with nominating additional blogs because there are just too many good blogs out there to recommend one over another.Β  Do check out Sonel’s Corner though, and have a meander through the Reader – comments and likes are the best reward !

To see more entries in the Workers Word-A-Week challenge “Sleep”, click on the link at the beginning of this post.

71 thoughts on “Word-A-Week – SLEEP

  1. Wow Tina! These are so amazing! I was hoping to visit Africa this year, But not too sure if it will work out. Keeping my fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Tina, great photos as always … when i was kid (ages ago) i saw this movie of Jan Michael Vincent who had a lion for a pet, and i dreamed of having one … then, i grew up πŸ˜‰ going on a Safari is one dream i hope never to grow out from, Bob and i pray that we will be given a chance to go to one soon enough.

    really, love your captures of “Aslan” … your shots are always captivating, Tina! — APRIL

    • Thanks so much April! We have been all over the world to many fascinating places but Africa is by far my favorite trip ever. It truly is life-changing. I sincerely hope you get to go one day.

  3. What great pictures (love your blog) and what an amazing experience that must have been! On a personal note, what I wouldn’t do to be king of the jungle for a day and sleep, hahaha…

  4. They are so beautiful …. one stunning animal. The closest I have been was at Zoo in Chicago and massive white female lion – and she was sleeping too. And she slept with one of her paws against glass window … and we could all put our hands against her paw – and it was massive. I love the big cats. Wonderful and “sleepful” gallery.

      • That I wouldn’t think so niether … but with a glass in between it as great. The kids loved it … I think she was sleeping most of the time like that – becuase she knew she got everybody attention. I have big hands, but her paw was huge.

      • Zoos are so fantastic for kids. I have such mixed feelings about them. On one hand it’s so sad for the animals after seeing them in their natural habitat. But on the other hand, it teaches the next generation about them and helps them develop an appreciation /love for other species. It’s a hard call. I’m happy to see all of the progress in creating better environments for them anyway.

        Sent from my iPad

      • I totally agree with you – I don’t really like Zoo’s neither – but it was because I had some hours to kill in the area … and it was free – so the Zoo was full of kids .. and every group had a different color on the baseball caps .. so it was like the rainbow walking around there .. and I think that was because of that – I had a such great couple hours on Zoo – that I normally do agree with.

      • Oh I’m not against zoos. I take my granddaughter to the Bronz zoo every year. But I do feel sorry for the animals.

        Sent from my iPad

  5. Amazing shots, can’t imagine you were this close to the mighty king! It must be a special and memorable trip. Thank you so much for sharing, Tina!

    • We were VERY close Dar. At one point we were afraid he was about to jump up on our jeep but he just walked by us to use the “men’s room” aka bushes LOL. Probably within 5 feet of them. They are amazing.

    • Thanks Rabirius – the photos are only beautiful because the lions were! And what beautiful creatures they are. Amazing how many of them were injured or battle-scarred. Theirs is a harder life than you’d think

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