Word-A-Week – Orange

“Orange is the happiest color.”

Frank Sinatra



It’s amazing how many bloggers have responded to Suellewellyn’s Word-A-Week challenge “orange” by commenting that they’re not fans of the color.  Count me among the many, as admittedly it’s not high on my list either.  But like others, I have found a photograph that meets the challenge and is one of my favorites. 

I made this photo after a violent thunderstorm at Bryce Canyon last summer.  The sky was an incredible dark blue, and the hoodoos positively glowed in the evening light.  It was the third evening we’d attempted to catch the sunset and I was determined that we would not leave until the storm abated.  Fortunately, my very patient husband was willing to sit with me in our car for a few hands of gin rummy while we watched the storm rage for almost an hour.  Not only was I rewarded with amazing light, but by then everyone else had pretty much given up, leaving me to shoot the canyon without the many tourists who’d been there an hour earlier.  Truly a gift from heaven!

42 thoughts on “Word-A-Week – Orange

  1. absolutely STUNNING….almost too perfect to be real….thank u for your patience…& thank your hubby…..we otherwise would not have had this great pleasure!!!

    • Thanks Calee! Despite not being a fan of orange, I’ve sure enjoyed all of the beautiful orange entries!

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  2. Beautiful as always, Tina.

    Curious, that Orange is so low on everyone’s lists! Wouldn’t have guessed. Me, I’m a composition guy…I like colors in compositions, designs…compliments and split compliments particularly. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a particular favorite color or most hated color…to me, every color works, when its used or placed right. 😉

    • True Jon, and well said! I tend more toward more subtle, monochromatic things, altho honestly most of my photography is very colorful. Interestingly, never thought about that! Thanks for your comment.

    • Subtlety is good, too! It isn’t about vibrancy or contrast or anything like that. To me, its about context. If you have or can find the right context, pretty much anything can be turned into something interesting and beautiful. Color itself, or even the “lack thereof” (as black and white are both colors as well as compliments) can be all you need to turn something into a work of art.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photo. Thank you for visiting my blog and viewing my photos for the “orange” challenge. I look forward to seeing more of your photos.

  4. Color me orange any day! It has always been my favorite happy color… My grandchildren wear it to celebrate my birthday! Today while sitting in Whitlow’s hospital room your posts made me really smile.. Thank you..

    • Thanks Linda – your beautiful blonde good looks cry out for the warmth of orange, while my brunette clashes quite often!!! Give Whitlow a big kiss for us 🙂 and keep smiling.

  5. I have spent many, many moons in the Southwest, and it remains one of my most coveted sources of inspiration and spirituality. Zion National Park is at the top of my list. But all of color country soothes and reminds me of nature’s enduring power. Really strong image.

  6. Wonderful glowing Hoodoos Tina ! You brought back memories for me too . It is a staggeringly beautiful place …. great to capture this without others around 😉

    • Thanks Naomi! The hoodoos really do glow in the right light! I was lucky the storm ended when it did. One hour longer and there’d have been no light at all!

  7. It’s all about patience and making the most of available light, isn’t it? Evening light is perfect for this kind of picture. I like the glowing effect you could achieve, Tina. Very well done 🙂

    • Hi FT. What I didn’t say is that for weeks before our arrival the entire area was consumed by wildfires and it hadn’t rained for 110 days. It rained every day we were there but with enough breaks in the weather for us to get some wonderful shots especially of the amazing skies. They really needed the rain so we didn’t mind.

    • I did get lucky w the rainbow Charlie :-). Interestingly the light was very short-lived as it clouded over again before the actual sunset. As always, timing is everything. Thanks Charlie!

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