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Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape / DP Challenge: Feed Your Senses and Memory / Travel Theme: Elements

“Let us keep our hearts young and our eyes open that nothing worth our while shall escape us.”

Victor Charbuliez


This week several of my favorite challenges lent themselves to combination, and I’ve chosen to address them with a single photograph. As I interpret it, the supplicant is honoring the memory of a departed loved one, who has escaped the confines of his or her earthly life and moved on to whatever follows.Β  The woman beside him addresses the feed your senses challenge with the scent of the joss sticks she holds. Finally, the burning candle represents fire, one of the four elements in Ailsa’s weekly Travel Theme.

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55 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape / DP Challenge: Feed Your Senses and Memory / Travel Theme: Elements Leave a comment

    • Thanks Paula. I was in Cambodia at the temple at Angkor Wat. There was a small chamber off of one of the corridors and this scene was taking place there. I shot it from the corridor using my 70-200mm lens so I was not close enough to disturb them. It was daytime but the room was deep in shadow.

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      • It’s an amazing lens. Very expensive but worth every penny. Have had it 8 years and never a complaint (ok, it’s a bit heavy but that’s the only complaint!)

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    • Thanks Anne. Hadn’t seen this one for quite a while and it kind of called to me πŸ™‚

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  1. Tina, this is beautiful. The emotions, the light, the smoke..all these elements team up to complete this beautiful image. There is a lot we can learn from a picture and this one is a perfect example of that.

    • Thanks Sharon, Rembrandt I’m not but I do think the lighting in this one is reminiscent of some of his paintings so I’ll humbly accept the beautiful compliment.

  2. Thoughtful image for the three Challenges Tina .
    I wouldn’t expect another to be so perfectly fitting .
    Lovely .

  3. Very good choice. The women on the right remembers one of my picture for “escape” in the cau dai temple. Very good light that let us see the smoke too.

  4. A very intense photo with beautiful qualities in light and composition. I think a single photograph in a challenge can be so much more powerful than a multitude of photos.

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