Weekly Challenge – The World Through My Eyes II

“I’m youth, I’m joy, I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg.” Sir James M. Barrie



Although it’s most unusual for me, I’m posting a second response to this week’s Photo Challenge.  I was out with a friend shooting an egret rookery when I captured this little one fresh out of his shell.  He could barely keep his head up, and mama was keeping a very close watch on him and his brother/sister-to-be.  What do you suppose the world looks like to a newborn bird whose eye is by far his predominant feature?



I originally captioned the baby’s photo  “Bad Hair Day” and sent it to a few friends.  I received several alternative suggestions, including “Bird Zombie” and “Rod Stewart” :-), both of which I liked a lot!  So what do you say, anyone else out there care to suggest a fun  alternative title?!

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I’ve also added this to Frizztext’s Challenge “Tagged Z” for Zombie.  To see more of the ZZZZZsssss, click here.



81 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge – The World Through My Eyes II

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  2. ‘Pass me my sunglasses’ .
    Oh my what shot. I don’t know how you could ever leave your spot and stop shooting! cool. dsup

  3. Oh Tina he IS a comical looking little bird 🙂
    I think he must be rather over awed at the size of his Mama looking down at him like that in the second picture ! Gulp

    • LOL PT, he is so ugly he’s cute!! In a few weeks he’ll be as large and beautiful as mama!

      Sent from my iPad

  4. Whahahahaha! Love the Rod Stewart one! He does look like him as a matter of fact! LOL! Such a cutie Tina! Great shots hon and thanks for sharing. 😀 *big hugs*

  5. It reminds me a few family members who stumble out of bed and need their coffee ASAP!

    Being in the right place at the right time makes all the difference to getting great shots like this. The key, of course, being to always have your camera with you and keep looking around. I got some incredible hawk pictures in my backyard in late 2011 – it just happened. Right place, right time. I’ve never seen that walking in the woods.

    Ya’ did good!


  6. Love the 2 – was that the Seabrook Rookery? He’s not fat – he’s fluffy! And the other one looks like …….. But Mom…………. he started it!

  7. Amazing shots! The little one alone is priceless- so bewildered, new to the world, and of course, those feathers! I like the 2 shots together- the 2d gives scale, but also captures the relationship between mother and hatchling, from each of their perspectives

  8. I especially love the second shot where he’s looking up at his mom. How could she resist such a weird little guy.

    • Thanks very much – we are surrounded by bird life here but even we don’t often get to see them when they’re this young! Must admit I was pretty excited to find him!

    • Thanks much Elle! Had to crawl under a very low-hanging tree, ever watchful for red ants on the ground and gators in the water, and precariously perching my tripod on the soft dirt, but it was worth it in the end LOL.

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