Weekly Photo Challenge – Companionable

“Faith is a gift from God, and he gives it to whomever he chooses.” Mother Theresa



Last night at dinner with a small group of friends, someone raised the subject of good vs evil, which led to a discussion of faith and spirituality.  Perhaps because that conversation was still in the back of my mind, when I thought about our “Companionable” challenge, I turned to these photos of a medieval chapel we visited outside of Vienna, and the young friar on his way to prayer.



“Faith is hope, with a holier name.”

Edward Bulwer

Why, you may ask, would this be a response to the challenge?  To me, anyone who truly has faith is never really alone.  They enjoy the constant companionship of their god, whatever their religion.  Those of us more tied to the tangible can only wonder at the amazing power of that kind of faith.



“Each one prays to God according to his own light.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Food for thought, isn’t it?!   To see more Companionable entries,  click here.



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