Weekly Photo Challenge – Companionable

“Faith is a gift from God, and he gives it to whomever he chooses.” Mother Theresa



Last night at dinner with a small group of friends, someone raised the subject of good vs evil, which led to a discussion of faith and spirituality.  Perhaps because that conversation was still in the back of my mind, when I thought about our “Companionable” challenge, I turned to these photos of a medieval chapel we visited outside of Vienna, and the young friar on his way to prayer.



“Faith is hope, with a holier name.”

Edward Bulwer

Why, you may ask, would this be a response to the challenge?  To me, anyone who truly has faith is never really alone.  They enjoy the constant companionship of their god, whatever their religion.  Those of us more tied to the tangible can only wonder at the amazing power of that kind of faith.



“Each one prays to God according to his own light.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Food for thought, isn’t it?!   To see more Companionable entries,  click here.



108 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Companionable

  1. Hi Tina. Thank you for stopping by to see my posting. I love, love, love your photos. I’m following you now and eager to look around your site some more.
    All the best from Brisbane, Australia.

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  3. Wonderful post, especially the first picture. I had to pause for a moment on what you said. Those with faith are never truly alone. And you notice it when you are talking to someone who really believes in his faith. It is something that amazes me every time.
    Again, a wonderful post and indeed great food for thought!

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  5. Only true belivers, respect everyone religion.
    Good point for you.
    My frenchparisian grandma always appreciated and respected to see people faith in what ever religion they had…she though it was great, gave faith, strength, and something to lean on and not be alone.

    On the other hand one of my best friend is atheist, but she respect each one faith…

    I give a great applause to respect and faith.

    Thank you for bringing this though of spirituality in the challenge.


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  7. I think you may have opened a door here, a very big door. The peace that spirituality offers often is missing in our daily lives. Not by design perhaps by circumstances. Maybe worth revisiting.

  8. WOW….this is a really great subject….I absolutely love these ‘very thought provoking’ photos! they take me to a very warm…safe place!!
    I also love the responses specially Ginny’s discussion on faith….truly hit the nail on the head!! Thank u!!

  9. Yes Tina. Excellent Food For Thought…thnx, Molly

    I might add that we can only receive what we r open too. 😉

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  11. Beautiful photos. I like Gandhi’s quote. I do think that each of has a different light that we follow. Maybe a little cloudy at times.

  12. Tina

    These pictures are extraordinary. The highlighted architectural details speak to what was but still might be. And using the sepia tones was brilliant.



  13. Beautiful church, tastefully done. We got turned off by some of the ostentatious gold plated churches in Peru.

  14. Beautiful photos as always Tina. Personally I’m not big on religion, but do respect other’s beliefs, and churches fascinate me with there wonderful architecture. Especially the picturesque, quintessential white steepled New England variety.

  15. It has been pure pleasure to view your photos and read the comments. Today I felt I saw another inner you I did not know. Thanks for sharing.
    Ann S

  16. You KNOW I love this post.. It is a beautiful Sunday morning.. What a timely reflection.. Hebrew 11:1 ” now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Thank you T… You always make me dig a little deeper.

  17. My mom … that had her funeral service here on Friday … even if I’m not a believer as such .. I can relate to your beautiful gallery here. The light in the chapel was so striking and I must say that the female priest (from US) was fantastic – that took my stands in consideration and was so respectful.
    This is a truly beautiful entry.

  18. I really love the light in these photos Tina, it’s full of tranquility. And what an interesting looking building. It seems spirituality sits very close to the surface here 🙂

  19. I think it really is a gift, Tina. When I look at the world through some bloggers eyes I find myself sadly lacking. I wish I had it, but wishing does not make it so.
    Yes, He must be a wonderful companion.

  20. In this wide wonderful world we all share, there exists a realm of knowledge that is fact as we know it today….to the best of mankinds ability. This realm is forever changing and growing with the input of our collective scientific scope. That which we don’t know , is simply that….the unknown. To label the unknown, God, faith, or any other name , gives us a category to help us better define and find comfort in our expansive universe…with all of its unknowns, and yet, that is only a good thing if we can do that and still keep our minds OPEN to wonder…to be curious….to accept that there are so many things that we simply do not understand yet….and may never understand in our lifetime, just as in generations of people before us. Having put a label on it, having joined a group or a religion, may provide immediate comfort…much like passing the baton to the next runner and no longer having the burden of responsibility or the demand to cross the finish line. Having a sense of spirituality lays the groundwork for openness and acceptance…. that there is more to our world than we know – simply that, and no more. Having faith is putting trust somewhere….that someone, somewhere , or something has answers for us and that in time if we continue, our faith will be rewarded….but consider this…learn to live wholly in the present and to accept our circumstances as they evolve throughout our lives as we try to stay informed and current on the latest bodies of knowledge ….to have faith in one another and find strength within ourselves , and to accept spirituality as the recognition that we do not have all the answers. I submit that this will open the door to a greater understanding of one another and a bonding to not only all human beings but to all living things and to our universe. Your serene pictures of peace and contemplation inspired me to ramble…..apologies!

    • OK Gin, you won the Longest Comment award, but I agree with your perspective and thank you for,taking the time to share it! Life’s a mystery, faith is a gift but wherever you are on the continuum, keep your mind open as you follow your own path. Well done girl!

  21. Thanks Tina, I think you are on the right track here. Unfortunately there is sometimes a perversion in some people’s minds of what faith and spirituality is truly about.

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