Word-A-Week Challenge: Curves

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

Winston Churchill



I couldn’t resist posting this photo in response to Sue’s Word-A-Week Challenge “curves”.  I captured the shot on our recent trip through Lexington, Kentucky where it’s truly all about the horses.  Although I took many shots of the beautiful racehorses in their pastures, along with the incredible scenery, the curves in the backs of these guys made it to my top of my favorites of the trip.  Here are some of the others for those who’d like a bit more!



“Horses make a landscape look beautiful.” Alice Walker



“A horse is a beautiful animal, perhaps most remarkable because it moves as if it always hears music.”

Mark Helprin



“A horse who bears himself proudly is a thing of such beauty and astonishment that he attracts the eyes of all beholders.”


The final horse farm I shot was obviously a home for some mares who had seen better days.  As I reached out to stroke this one’s lovely face, I was shocked (quite literally!)  to find that the fence around the pasture was electrified.  Fortunately, no harm done other than to my psyche!



In closing, I offer a pastoral scene that conveys the peaceful beauty of the countryside all around.



To see more of Sue’s “Curves” challenge, click here.

68 thoughts on “Word-A-Week Challenge: Curves

    • Thanks Linda! It happened just a moment before I left the spot. Not sure what made them gather like that but am happy they did!

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    • Thanks Uday! They are such majestic creatures–could have used them in the Masterpiece challenge!!

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  1. Alice Walker is right–horses do make landscapes look more beautiful. We have a grumpy old Thoroughbred on our place. Most days he is rather indifferent to us. But he is still a majestic looking creature, especially when he gallops around the pasture.

    Love your photos. The one captioned “Peaceful Grazing” would make a great postcard or framed print.

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I’m sure your horse isn’t really grumpy, probably has failing eyesight and arthritis like the rest of us 🙂

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  2. “A horse is a beautiful animal, perhaps most remarkable because it moves as if it always hears music.” Mark Helprin
    yes! one of my unforgettable beautiful experiences in my life was galloping on a horse back over some empty autumn fields! what a speed! better than any rock’n roll!

    • Thanks David! Future Champion was one of my favs also – loved the way the colt nestled the mare. Have several of her nursing but liked this one even better. Appreciate our comment!

  3. Wonderful work…love the saddlebacks!! Tree & sky also speaks to me….so perfect ….like the horses! They are so gentle however I could never get beyond their size…was always afraid of them…weird!!

    • Not so weird April, lots of people fear them due to their size! I always loved them for some reason but as always, different strokes! Thanks for commenting!

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  4. Beautiful photos. I like the first one, the former champion and the last one best. Of those three, I couldn’t tell you which is my favorite. Maybe the first, because it is so unusual. Who would have thought to photograph just the backs. Yet, there is no mistaking the subject matter. Beautiful creatures.

    • Thanks very much Jean! I felt the same way about the saddlebacks, unmistakably horses but more about the shapes. It was nice of them to line up like that for me, wasn’t it?! When I first arrived they were scattered around. I spent 15 or 20 minutes shooting them and then just before I left they all gathered like that in a small bit of shade near the barn. Serendipity!

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  5. Beautiful … photos, beautiful animals … are you a horse girl. Looking at your photo, I think you’re and the way you have taken the photos. Stunning – beautiful curves and the look expensive too.
    I’m a little afraid of horses; they are so big when you come close to them. *smile … The foal is more my type of horse. Wonderful post.

    • Thank you Vivek! I used to ride quite a bit when I was young but haven’t in years. I do tho, LOVE horses – always have. I had 4 brothers growing up and they were all terribly mad that I got to ride and they didn’t 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment!

      • I think it’s such beautiful animals … where my friend lives outside Stockholm – is there stud farm – where all the famous horses in the world comes for a bit of love life or just to relax. Some of them are so valuable – that they are body guards (2 legged) when outdoors. Amazing.

  6. Soooooo beautiful – the curve of their backs! Catherine had a horse who
    I called “Sinkhole” for very obvious reasons. But amazingly I now miss seeing her ride and do beautiful things working the horse and telling him what to do and how to do it!

    • Only YOU would come up with Sinkhole ML!! Thanks so much for your lovely compliment – they are such beautiful, graceful (and expensive) creatures, aren’t they?!

  7. I love this post.. Mary Radford grew up LOVING horses.. Started riding at 2… I could not relate… But I always loved their beauty and the majesty of their strides, Beautiful curves!

  8. Fabulous, Tina – i love your take on the theme! Superb photos, majestic animals and wonderful quotes. I think my favourite is “Three horses” – they say all good things come in 3, don’t they… 🙂

    • So they say Ese, so they say! Thanks for your lovely compliment – I had been waiting for the right time to use these shots and “curves” just seemed to work!

  9. Oh Tina, this is all so beautiful. Most excellent. I live in horse country and they do make the countryside so beautiful. I love all your quotes, too. I guess I’ve gotta get the camera going on these farms around me. Great job!

    • Thanks so much Alexandra – isn’t it funny how we tend NOT to photograph the loveliness all around us, but when we travel the camera is with us at all times?! Now get out there and shoot those farms!! Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂

  10. A great post, thanks for that. I really like the picture with the tree and the clouds at best. It has a wonderful effect. And I like the color green in the image, because it is in art for all warm-hearted and calming.

  11. Oh, I just LOVE horses Tina and these are such stunning shots of these beauties! Love the quote of Winston and he was so right too. 😀 Thanks for sharing hon! 😀 *hugs*

    • Thanks so much Sonel – I love them too, they are so majestic, arent they? I’ve seen Budweiser Clydesdales and the famous Lipizzaner stallions in person. Magnificent. And then there are the racehorses – incredible every one of them.

    • Thanks Tish – yes you’re right. Actually I suppose we’d find the horses a bit less romantic if we had to depend on them to get to work in the morning!! Last week I was in Mackinac Island and they don’t have their horses wear those poo-catchers like Charleston and NYC. I think there were more sweepers than horses!! Thanks for your comment!

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