Weekly Photo Challenge – Juxtaposition; Bastet’s Pixelventures – Surprise

“Creativity is that marvelous capacity to grasp mutually distinct realities and draw a spark from their juxtaposition.” 

Max Ernst



I must admit Michelle has outdone herself on this week’s photo challenge. I actually considered skipping it, but instead decided to go for humor  🙂  Reaching deep into the archives I offer this capture, which while not technically wonderful, always makes me laugh about the face-off between the camper/fisherman and the juvenile bear.  Certainly the shot also meets Bastet’s challenge of “surprise”, probably on the part of both of the participants 🙂

Following a theme of juxtaposed bears, how about this one, with a brassy little seagull patiently waiting for some scraps?  Having seen what the bears do with the salmon, I’m not feeling good about the gull’s chances for much of a meal – and it should also be careful not to become dessert for the big guy with the fish!



“A kiss is the anatomical juxtaposition of two orbicular muscles in a state of contraction.”

Dr. Henry Gibbons

Speaking of fish, who are you putting your money on it the shot below? Clearly both the sportsman and the bear have spotted the prey. Do you suppose there will be a race to the capture the prize?



“Good humor is a paradox. The unexpected juxtaposition of the reasonable next to the unreasonable.”

Melvin Helitzer

Finally, this little fellow is having a nice stroll past the float plane which was our transportation to and from beautiful Katmai National Park in Alaska. Needless to say, we had a bit of a delay getting back to the plane for take off. This was one time when a flight delay didn’t bother me a bit!



“There is something perfect to be found in the imperfect: the law keeps balance through the juxtaposition of beauty, which gains perfection through nurtured imperfection.”

Dejan Stojanovic

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little stroll this week down memory lane. To see other bloggers’ juxtaposed entries, click here . For Bastet’s “Surprise” entries, look here.

131 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Juxtaposition; Bastet’s Pixelventures – Surprise

    • LOL Gerry! Actually you know what they say – as long as you can run faster than ONE other person 🙂 The bear had no interest in me but the guy in the red jacket? Don’t think I’d have wanted to be where he was!!!

  1. seagull ignoring killer bear:
    we don’t care, if our neighbor
    is a killing beast.
    seems to be the rule in Syria
    and some African states too.
    problem for many women
    in India.

  2. Eyes on the Prize: Bear prob was waiting for fisherman to catch fish so it could then just head to the boat and have one big happy meal!
    That first one Faceoff is scary!! yikes! dsup

  3. Great stuff!!! Absolutely lived ‘face off’ what a shot!!!
    Can’t help but wonder who won ‘eyes on the prize’???
    Loved these… Looks like a great time in Alaska!!!
    And yes… Bet that plane delay was welcomed!!

  4. Hi Tina, i pray that you will not skip much of the photo challenges because i am always encouraged by the depth of your perspectives that translate into life the beautifully captured photographs you take … and please, be safe always 🙂 — abw

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    • Excellent Linda, as that was the goal! We were actually quite close and they were surprisingly disinterested in us :-). Perhaps because, happily, we didn’t smell like fish.

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