Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure

“A day is too precious a treasure to forfeit.”

Eric Timm



Krista has asked that this week we share something we treasure. To my mind, no matter what our age, time is the most precious gift we’ve been given. Let us remember that it is fleeting, and tomorrow is not a guarantee. What would you do differently if today were your last day?  Kiss your loved ones and extra time or two?  Call a friend you’ve not seen in a while?  Forgive an enemy?  Eat dessert?  🙂  Find a good cause and donate your time and/or money to help?  Think about it ….. and then do it!

Click here to see what some other bloggers treasure.

Note:  Photo processed using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2.

101 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure

  1. Love this .. reminds me of my grandparents old clock. If it was my last day … now you got me totally stressed – I would … contact all my friends all over the world – and I would listen to all my favorite music.

  2. Lately I feel so many of our assets are just waiting at the door ready to leave. It is work but well worth it to enhance them to stay.

  3. As I get older, time is getting more precious, obviously to us all as I see from all the lovely comments to your great post, Tina. I have a note on my desk, telling me I can use this time only once, a reminder to spend my time wisely. Thank you, Tina!

    • If I’d had to guess Dina, I’d have thought you and Klaus would be among those who treasure and use time wisely! Thanks for adding your own lovely comment to those of the others!

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      • Hi Tina , no i checked again there is no box to check for allow anyone just a privacy check box which i made sure is unchecked . i can see my site on my partners laptop and phone mmm. puzzling

  5. Sometimes, simple is better. Loved the photo, your words, the precious gift of time. And, does this mean we should eat dessert every day?

  6. Yours is one of those blogs I almost always seek out for your take on the challenge, Tina, and you never disappoint.
    Terrible admission- I thought about it, and then thought “can I do that tomorrow? I have today planned” 😦 Joking, of course, but only a little bit. Today might be all we have. Enjoy yours 🙂

  7. Oh I absolutely agree with your take on this challenge Tina! And I love the clock. I posted an image of a clock for a Sunday theme on ‘Valuable’ a while ago! 🙂

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  9. “What would you do differently if today were your last day?” So much flashed across my mind that I wasn’t prepared for the shock of it…we really don’t realise how short life is do we?!

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  12. I’m still working on my Treasure challenge, but one of the images I’m considering is one of an old clock that hung on my childhood home’s walls and now graces my adult home’s wall. It’s not a true antique, but I’m 55 – so it’s oldish! It’s modeled on one very similar to the clock in your image. Your photograph is beautiful and dignified!

  13. nice…especially this part – “it is fleeting, and tomorrow is not a guarantee…”
    well no, the photo is especially my fav -and “then” the words – but wait…. having them together is really what makes it all tick (haha could not resist). 🙂

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  16. I enjoy your spin on this challenge Tina. I was thinking about something similar for my entry but I’m still not sure. It’ll come to me in time. 😉 Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Time is indeed a precious treasure. While we have been told to bank time (save) for tomorrow, tomorrow is never a sure thing. I like how you expressed this; we all do need to be more conscious for living in the now.

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