Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist

 “Everything is nothing, with a twist. ”

Kurt Vonnegut



This week, Krista has asked us to illustrate Twist. Since my husband and I are enjoying a fun weekend with friends in Austin, Texas, I’m posting a short response from our African safari several years ago. I thought the twisted horns of this buffalo family met the need nicely 😉



“The tunnels may be long, and twisted and dark; but you are supposed to go through them.”

Lauren Oliver

The giraffe baby above has twisted his long, graceful neck to study the strange woman behind him with the long lens. We thought their speed and agility was amazing considering their asymmetric body structure.

I’ll be back on a normal schedule next week. In the meanwhile click here to see some other twisted responses.

77 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist

  1. Love love love these giraffes – Mary Radford’s first baby shower invitations are momma and baby one… Sweet! Mglad to back on the blog! Have missed you!

    • Thanks Miss Linda! Love that MR’s shower is using the mama baby–they are the sweetest little things! Welcome back; glad we figured it out!

      Sent from my iPad


    • 200mm plus teleconverter 1.5. No worries on that score, I hear they’re quite aggressive, especially when the youngsters are nearby! Thanks for stopping by Erwin!

  2. Your giraffe image is particularly good, Tina. They’re not an easy animal to put into a composition. I’ve found they look better when two animals are photographed together to gain some depth to the composition (as you have done).

    • Thanks Vicki, yes I agree. I have an amazing image in my mind of a troop of about a dozen giraffe loping across a wide-open savannah but I didn’t have my camera with me at the time so it’s just a fabulous mental image. I call it an eye-photo 🙂

    • LOL Jude! I do have some interesting other shots but don’t have many of them on my iPad. This was my first post from a “device”. Must admit I much prefer posting from my laptop!

      • Oh, I can relate to that. I used the OH’s iPad to post when we were away in London (my laptop is very large and heavy as it is a desktop replacement so not good to take away unless we have the car). Luckily I had pre-written some posts with photos, so just had to add links and publish! What a nightmare adding links was!

      • :-). In the reader my post showed up with a photo from a previous post and I have no idea why! My laptop is the same as yours so I rarely fly with it. Not a fan of WP on iPad tho 😦

        Sent from my iPad


  3. I love giraffes and the buffalo horns are perfect for “Twist.” Don’t worry about not having more; these were perfect and you should continue to enjoy family time!


  4. lovely photographs … I like anything wild and the buffalo family just says “don’t mess with us” 🙂

    • Thanks Mitch! I understand that the buffalo are quite aggressive and very protective of their young. Your interpretation of their expressions is probably right on the money!

    • Thanks Naomi! You’re right, a hint is just what it is 🙂 it was the most amazing experience to be among so many incredible creatures in the heart of their natural world. Words and pictures can’t describe it, but one of these days I’ll try!

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