Weekly Photo Challenge -Room

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”

J.K. Rowling



As I was thinking about this week’s ROOM challenge, I had several ideas about how to approach it. So why not let you, the reader, decide which is the most appropriate? First, the capture above, shot several years ago in Cambodia.  Seated in a small room amongst the beautiful ruins of Angkor Wat, I came across this pensive bride. I thought she looked a bit sad for a person about to have one of the happiest days of her life. Here’s hoping she was pondering some small detail of the day, rather than wondering about her upcoming commitment. No room for doubt on one’s wedding day, is there?!



 “Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”  

Mary Oliver

My second thought was this capture, taken in the vast, incredibly beautiful wilderness of Patagonia. Here, we found ourselves in a place where there wasn’t a whisper of civilization as far as the eye could see. Miles upon miles of room to roam. I remember thinking that if I were a horse, this is exactly where I’d want to be 🙂



 “Closed in a room, my imagination becomes the universe, and the rest of the world is missing out.”  

Criss Jami

Finally this shot, from our visit to Vietnam. On our way to spend the night on a sailing ship on glorious Ha Long Bay, we passed these bizarre one-room shacks sitting on stilts on the water.  We learned they were fishing huts, each manned by a single fisherman working the local waters.  And here I thought the aliens had finally landed 🙂

So what do you think – which of the three “rooms” is your preferred response and why?

Oh, and one more thing……..Happy Anniversary to me! WordPress happily reminded me that I started Travels and Trifles exactly two years ago this week. Time flies doesn’t it?!

Got room to look at a few more examples? Click here.


132 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge -Room

  1. I didn’t let myself read all the comments (something I usually do) and will say room to roam! Now … to go back and skim the comments 🙂

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  3. Each is beautiful in its own way. But the first is truly exceptional! Congratulations on the anniversary Tina! Here’s to another rocking year 🙂

  4. Happy 2nd Anniversary Tina S.! We are
    so happy you have shared your wonderful talent with us…
    although it’s a a challenge to pick the
    best one: I would have to say Here Comes the Bride definitely is just

  5. All wonderful entries, Tina! But if I HAVE to choose one, I love the picture of the bride. Such contrast: the soft beauty of the bride’s gown with the hard textured surfaces of the ruins. And happy blogging anniversary – awesome achievement 🙂

    • Many thanks Stacy, an interesting perspective to note the contrast of the gown and the ruins. I noted the color contrast but hadn’t conisdered the textures. Isn’t it great when someone else sees something in your photo that even you didn’t see?!?! Appreciate your visit and comment!

  6. Just when I think there is no ” room ” for you to be better ..; you post one of my favorites… Such clever prose regarding the pensive bride.

  7. I’m very intrigued by #3 but I think I like the colour and space of #3 the best. I like how you’ve fitted several very different photos to the theme. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  8. Great series of photos Tina, while the second one really reminds me of the beauty of nature and the freedom to roam, it is your first shot that I am drawn to… Your description is exactly what I was feeling ~ you capture the mood, and soon I was thinking and pondering as well.

    • Thanks so much Randall. It means a lot to me that it would cause you to stop and think. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?! Always great to hear from you.

  9. Tina, Your beautiful pictures couple with vibrant colors and the thoughts of a wordsmith have added up to a great success. Loved your interpretation of this weeks challenge. Congratulations!!!

  10. Congratulations on 2 years of this blog, Tina.
    Doesn’t time pass by quickly, and for this very reason ‘room to roam’ has to be my favourite for the very reason that it looks like time standing still in the peace and quiet of the open countryside.

    • Thanks Vicki – great insight to tie the photo to the anniversary! Very clever 🙂 If only I’d thought of that I’d have commented on it. Thanks for the suggestion – you’re absolutely right!

  11. After being in the city so long with all the tall buildings, honking and crowds I would love that open space. The huts are very unique and really show a story about a place, but I think the bride is my pick. The contrasts, the emotion and the one of a kind quality pulls me in. Love them all, but you said pick one 😉
    Congrats on 2 years Tina!

  12. The pensive bride is my fave- a very emotional photo. Patagnia a close 2d for nailing the vastness and beauty. Well done, as always.

  13. Many acceptations for the word “room”; each one of your (as used) wonderful pictures fits perfectly Tina. It happens to me that, having the first basic idea of room as a four wall closed espace, the third shot is wich matches better. “Room to roam” shot 2, and the concept, are magnificent; this is the one I feel beeter with. Great photo number one, but it’s impossible for me not see it as part of a weding photo shoot!

  14. Tina, the first is a wonderful and unusual portrait and the third unique. But I, along with Jaap, prefer #2 as it has mountain, horses and peace, three of my favorite things. The colors are beautiful as well.


  15. When I saw the challenge I was wondering how you would respond. Of course you came up with a most creative approach. Halong Bay fishing shacks my fav.

  16. These are all 3 so wonderful in such different ways. The way you captured the bride really
    drew in your viewer with a myriad of ways to consider her thoughts . The horse was incredible
    in the landscape – just wish he/ or she had a friend to share it! Congratulations on your 2
    year anniversary. You’ve brought so much pleasure to all of us who share your journey.

  17. I have to go for the first enigmatic image – such a wonderful pensive portrait and capturing both senses of ‘room’. Though I do like the horse photo too – ‘room to roam’. Nice 🙂

  18. I am drawn to that first one — so unique, and seems to tell such a story, even though we aren’t sure what that story is. My 2-year anniv is coming up in a couple months! Hoping to find more time to get back to blogging more frequently again as summer revs up.

  19. Really like all three… And am intrigued by the third. A friend did a series of photos once about small workplaces… Newspaper kiosks, toll booths on motorways where you pay money, crane drivers… These fishermen’s rooms would have been at home on the collection…

  20. Very different takes on the one theme. But I respond most to ROOM TO ROAM, because we can identify with the horse – we all want a room that nurtures us, don’t we?

  21. Happy Anniversary. Keep the camera rolling. Many thanks for sharing us all the beautiful pictures around the world. God Bless.

  22. There is something about the bride in #1 that fills me with emotion. What a beautiful shot! Photo #2 certainly expresses those wide open spaces with room to roam. I’ve been pondering this challenge as well and am trying to decide which “room” to focus on. Congrats on your two years of blogging. I shall look forward to your photos and quotes for some time to come, I hope.

  23. Marvellous! I was struck by your first image, youth amidst the aged stones…..but she looks too worried! I was radiant on my wedding day (I have been told so, and I felt so)! I also like the last image, and I think I’m going to have to post another ‘room’ image because yours has reminded me of something off the North Kent Coast here in the UK

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