Welcome to Whitefish – Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

“All masterpieces of art contain both light and shadow.”

Billy Graham


The Big Picture: Whitefish MT

The Big Picture: Whitefish MT

Those who follow Travels and Trifles know I’ve been away for a bit, most recently spending time with friends out west. In response to this week’s challenge, I’ve taken a bit of a figurative approach, featuring a building mural in downtown Whitefish, Montana.  Is it actually a “container”? Well it certainly contains many things, including a few individual containers which I’ll feature. But more importantly, it contains the vision of the artist – looking back at what Whitefish might have been in the not-too-far-distant past. Sadly, the mural is due to be destroyed soon, as the space is cleared to make way for some new construction. All the better then, to feature it before it is lost forever!



“The deep layers of art contain the soul of the artist.”

Vladimir Kandelaki

 First then, the portrait of a young boy next to, what else, a bin/container 🙂 What do you suppose he is so engrossed in reading? The day’s headlines, the latest sports, or perhaps an ad for the latest example of automotive excellence?  Let your imagination take you wherever the artist hopes you’ll go!



“All literature and popular art contain themes that resonate with the audience.”

Daniel Lambert

Above, the artist shows us his vision of an ever-faithful bloodhound. Is it coincidence that he’s positioned in front of the window with, yes, a pair of bottles/containers? Maybe yes, maybe no – but his position certainly reinforces my “containers” case, don’t you think?



 “The ideal space contains elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery.”

Luis Barragan

I loved the details that the artist brought to his or her mural. Here we see a young woman standing between what we can assume is her car and the antique gas pump.  Notice the fellow lurking behind the door, which is painted with the name and number of a sign company. Can we assume someone from the company painted the mural? I choose to leave that to our imagination as well 🙂



 “The artist is a container for emotions that come from all over the place.

Pable Picasso

 Finally, the artist offers us a small peek into the room behind the curtains. What do you suppose is contained in the dark of the room beyond? I’m thinking it’s a warm, welcoming cafe with hot coffee, friendly locals and smiling, efficient waitresses – after all, that’s what WE found in Whitefish!

Want to see some other containers? Click here.


74 thoughts on “Welcome to Whitefish – Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

  1. Something very special in each specially the Dog and the bottles and the girl at the gas pump. Frankly I had not heard of Whitefish thanks Tina.

  2. You took your creative juices with you to Montana! I am so impressed with these murals.. Love the woman by the car! Terrific T! Safe travels.

  3. Hi Tina Thank you so much for visiting my blog as it led me to yours beautiful blog. Loved the pictures and your words describing them all.

    I hope you enjoyed what you found on my blog and might want to visit it back.

    I am sure to follow you on your travel. Keep Sharing.


  4. I always enjoy your choice of quotes! It’s interesting that by necessity murals are artworks doomed to transience. Painted over, or demolished, whatever – seems a pity that other than photographing there’s no way really to preserve them. The scenes are charming, captures a bygone era.

  5. Great post Tina . Will be a pity for this all to be lost .
    Love that young lad in his pulled down cap snatching a few moments with a comic . The rendering of light and shade is superb . You can feel the brightness 🙂

  6. Think I remember where this is and such a shame to lose it. Thanks for the great shots and captions. K

  7. What a great interpretation of the challenge Tina. You made me smile as I read the references to the containers contained in the mural. You sure had fun with this post. I’d guess the boy is reading a comic. And I am so glad you captured this before it is destroyed – such a shame!

    • It really is a shame JO, but I guess all good things DO come to an end. Just glad I was able to see and shoot it before its demise. And the family and friends were terrific, thanks!

  8. what a wonderful post!! Fabulous shots….you certainly have captured a very special piece of history as one with a keen eye can only do!!!

  9. Great captures and story…it is hard to believe that it is not a 3D scene while looking at your opening photo. Amazing work, and in a sense so much like photography where capturing the right light & shadows can make an ordinary photo something more special. Hope your adventures out west takes you to Washington & Oregon ~ if so let me know 🙂

    • Thanks Randall! Well it’s partially 3D, the 2 buildings in the background are really there LOL. But the mural was wonderful, I loved it. I actually WAS in Oregon for 5 days last week – Portland and Bend. Had a great visit. Were you in either place/??

      • Portland and Bend, two great places! I was in Seattle, but am visiting Pendleton tomorrow for a few days and then off to Portland.

  10. what a fantastic post, Tina! I kept scrolling back to the top picture to be sure I was reading this was a mural. The light and shadows the artist painted are amazing. Such a shame they are taking it down in the name of ‘progress.’ So glad you captured it.

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