Kiawah in Silhouette – Weekly Photo Challenge

The dance between darkness and light will always remain.

C. JoyBell C



This week our challenge is “silhouette”, admittedly not one of my favorite forms of art. If I hadn’t skipped last week’s challenge due to a hectic travel schedule, I’d have seriously considered skipping this one. Then again, isn’t that what a challenge is all about – stretching to do something outside of your comfort zone? So here’s an attempt to deliver on the silhouette challenge with some shots of our lovely barrier island. The opening capture features South Carolina’s state tree, the palmetto. I shot it on Kiawah’s famous Ocean Course; well-known to golfers everywhere :-). And yes, the sky really was that color.



“The dark does not weep for itself because there is no light.”

Libba Bray

The second shot was made with a view from the Ocean Course toward a small gazebo overlooking the sea. In both this shot and the last, our brilliant island sunsets offered me a perfect opportunity to feature the drama between darkness and light.



 “If we are unwilling to be aware of the dark, we cannot see the light.”

John Cowan

The capture above features a romantic couple taking in the view from a bicycle path that runs 10 miles, to and from the furthest ends of the island. The vistas along the way are spectacular, especially as the sun casts its final rays across our beautiful salt marshes.



“Darkness is your candle… must have shadow and light source both.”


Finally, not all silhouettes feature bright sunlight. Here, a small bird swims in silhouette surrounded by the peaceful quiet of a foggy morning on one of Kiawah’s many lagoons. For me, this final image is more compelling because of its simplicity. As always though, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, fellow beholder, are you a fan of bright and colorful, or do you prefer muted and monochromatic? Isn’t it nice that nature gives us such lovely choices?!

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119 thoughts on “Kiawah in Silhouette – Weekly Photo Challenge

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  2. Those skies are incredible Tina, and right on your doorstep you lucky thing 🙂
    As for fog….mist…..clouds, of course they make such atmospheric shots infused with a little mystery and stillness. So yes I love the subdued mist!

  3. Postcard-perfect shots, especially that first Palmetto scene. Kiawah visitors would be happy to buy any and all of these pics. I am hoping to return for a visit late fall/early winter….fell in love with this place when I was there last year.

  4. Interesting that you ask that final question — because I loved all of the gorgeous silhouettes until I got to the foggy photo, which I REALLY loved. Temperament is destiny?
    (We visited Kiawah once long long ago for a week — and I never forgot the experience. What an amazing place it must be to live in!)

    • Thanks so much T2T, I’m very fortunate to have found such a beautiful spot I must admit! Interestingly I don’t do nearly as much photography here as I do when I travel – need to change that!

  5. Tina, I know it’s beautiful where you live, and the skies really look like that too. And I applaud you for adding that last photo with another viewpoint. I see two kinds of silhouettes there – the stark branch and bird ones and the softer trees in silhouette in the distance. Yes, I love the fog, it’s a photographers (and poet’s) best friend, isn’t it?

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