Weekly Photo Challenge – Dialogue

“There is more than one way of perceiving. Thoroughly check your inner dialogue.”


This week’s challenge was, to me at least, one of the more interesting we’ve had thus far. The subject “dialogue” calls for us to include two photos which can be perceived as having a “consensual interaction” , opening up meanings which were not there if each was viewed alone. The set of photos above connects the interior of a single conch shell with a group of conch on the right. The intricacies of the beauty that lies within might be lost without the focus on the single shell. Likewise, without the perspective of the outer shells, one is left wondering about the purpose of the subject on the left.

“There is always an inside from outside the door.”

Munia Khan

The two photos above were made at the same lighthouse. As a photographer, I found the interior much more compelling. Did you recognize the construct of a lighthouse before seeing the second photo? To me the details of the left side capture speak to the complexity of the mechanics necessary to to make the beacon shine from the more straightforward exterior structure shot on the right.

“What lies in front of you, and what lies behind you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finally, a small home, which like the others in this post comes from a long-ago visit to the Bahamas. I shot the photograph on the left because I loved the angle of the staircase. The simple exterior gave me no hint that there was such an interesting scene to be found in the back :-). The backyard scene told us much more about the lives of the residents than did the capture from the front.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed my “dialogues” this week – to see the photos in more detail, please click on the individual shots. To check in on some other dialogues, click here.


124 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Dialogue

  1. Dialogue, that is such great challenge ~ and the group of conch photos is a brilliant look at how it can be show. I like the B&W, gives contrast and for some reason B&W always makes me think a bit more. The final shot of the chicken, ha, love it. Of your series, though, I think the lighthouse was the most creative…goes well with the quote too!

    • Thanks Randall – loved your comment. I thought it was the best challenge I’ve seen so far and really enjoyed putting together my response. thanks for giving it such a nice review!

  2. Perfect, Tina – all the way from mysterious patterns, different perspectives and a shot with a smile, like a cherry on the cake 🙂 There is more than one way of perceiving indeed…

  3. It wouldn’t be unusual to see a chicken wandering beneath our clothes, drying outside in the sun. I suppose that says a lot about the lives of the residents here as well. 🙂

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