Weekly Photo Challenge – Converge

“To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. ”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

(3 photos)



Our challenge this week comes from Ben, who has invited us to show how lines and shapes can converge to create interest. Some of you may have noticed my absence from last week’s challenge. As it turns out, my husband and I spent the week in California, reuniting with good friends in several cities. In my attempt to travel light, I elected to leave my DSLR and computer behind – hence, my blogging absence.



“The sweet spot is where duty and delight converge.”

Thomas Mann

People will tell you that it’s the photographer, not the equipment, that makes the shot. While I find that true to some degree, if you don’t have the right equipment it is a great deal more difficult to capture what your photographic vision commands. Although I had a small point-and-shoot with which I took these photographs, alas they are not at all what might have been. As small cameras go, mine is not awful, but I sure could have used a polarizer and one or two of my good lenses while shooting in the mid-day sun.



“Remain true to yourself, but move ever upward…..for everything that rises must converge.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Two weeks ago my off-camera flash died when the batteries exploded inside (yep, shame on me for leaving them in there in the first place). I’m resisting buying a replacement because I’m seriously considering moving to mirrorless technology, but am not quite ready to abandon my trusty Nikon and it’s wonderful lenses just yet. Equipment not-withstanding, a few of the things that caught my eye during last week’s travels fit Ben’s challenge quite nicely. I hope you can enjoy my geometric examples by using your imagination to envision the creations I had in mind when I shot them 😊.

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78 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Converge

  1. Good for you for getting out from behind the camera. It’s hard to do, and I often regret it when I do leave it at home, BUT I hope you had a wonderful visit to California.
    I’ll be interested to read your thoughts as you progress to mirrorless

  2. Great images, Tina, especially the truck. You seem to be experimenting a little more with B&W. I really like your header. I’ve been shooting mirrorless for a while now. It suits my needs and style perfectly.

    • Thanks Ron – yes, I do love B&W images but the subject has to fit (hence my most recent post of B&Ws at Botany Bay). Interesting you’ve gone mirrorless – which brand did you choose?

  3. Beautiful shots Tina ~ and I too am waiting for the eventual transition to mirrorless (will be a while, and I hope Canon develops a good one). Love the angles with the final shot being my favorite ~ Sounds like you had great travels and look forward to your continued adventures.

    • Hey Randall – thanks very much. Seems everyone is going that way but I’m not sure Canon or Nikon will lead this time – too anxious to protect their bases. I remember when I bought my Nikon DSLR it was partly because I wanted to use my Nikon lenses from my film camera. Of course, the new lenses that came out with the digital technology caused me never to use them at all after a very short time. I think the same will be true of mirrorless so will probably bite the bullet and go with new glass too. But not until it shakes out a bit and we see who will dominate the race this time around! And PS, over 300 comments on your last post?! Wow – well deserved my friend, your work is amazing.

      • Your thinking is the same as mine, even though I am hanging onto my dream of Canon coming out with an incredible mirror-less in a few years 🙂 Sony sure has a great product out… Thanks for the comment on my post, a fun surprise to see so many. Cheers!

  4. Wonderful take on this week’s challenge. I love the circle and lines ones the best, very creative take on the challenge. We can certainly achieve more with a DLSR and mirrorless camera, but a point-and-shoot camera is better than no camera at all 😀

    • You’re right Mabel. They say the best camera is definitely the one you have with you! I think a new iphone will be my next purchase – which might help until I’m ready for the mirrorless revolution! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I liked your shape take – 🙂 – and the “CIRCLES WITHIN CIRCLES WITHIN LINES” also some organic, wavy grooviness in the middle of those circles that were within circles that were within lines – ha! and the lighting in that photo had me looking a bit extra – there is light on the table – the trunk – the back drop – and a bit to the left – just one of those images I keep seeing more and more each time I look.

    welcome back and your trip sounds pretty great

  6. Great photos Tina and it is definitely the photographer that captures the image and regardless of the camera used can present us with such magical photos that fit this theme so well.

  7. The old truck was my favorite, although I’m partial to old vehicles already!

    Trey Ratcliff is using a mirrorless Sony and has a review on his blog. My husband is thinking I should try it as it would be much smaller to carry than my new Canon 6D. I believe Trey is no longer even using a DSLR.


    Good to see your stuff as always! And you don’t need to apologize for being gone for a week. We all have lives outside our blogs.


    • Thanks Nancy – really enjoyed the link to the a7 review. A friend in our photo club (Nikon D/300s and D/800 shooter) got the Fuji mirrorless and LOVES it. Many pros have dropped their DSLRs. I’m going to give it a year and see what develops, but I’m definitely going!!

  8. Nice you see you back Tina .. and love the old abandoned truck 🙂 can see you still had a great time though . Coming to photography later I’m very loath – no – make that I never go anywhere now without my DSLR , but then I forgo the tripod at times which is also a mistake but not always practicable ! I need to work on sharper shutter speeds Lol
    Nice you see you back Tina .. and love the old abandoned truck 🙂

    • Thanks very much Poppy – yes that truck was simply calling my name! I made my poor husband do a U-turn and wait for 20 minutes while I scoped it out LOL. I agree – my D300 is strapped to my hip whenever there’s a chance a photo might need me!😊

  9. Wonderful images, Tina. I just LOVE the second and the third. The second looks like a person getting up in the morning and stretching his arms (I’m talking about the tree, of course, not the truck:)). And the third is just beautiful. Did you take in a botanical garden?

    I’m glad you had a good time in CA!

    • Thanks Svetlana – yes the tree was marvelous. I have a shot of the entire tree and it’s incredible, but the truck is lost in that photo. And yes, San Diego Botanical Garden for the final shot. good eye!!

  10. I did miss you and welcome back. I’m glad you had time off and time to enjoy with your husband. Lovely post as usual. I found it interesting to read about your camera as I currently take almost every photo on my blog with my iPhone.


  11. Great photos Tina – that old truck is a classic. I’ve thought about getting a mirrorless – but not sure if they are suitable yet to wildlife and sports. Folks who have them seem to enjoy them.

  12. Nice shots T. Wondering how you felt for that week without blogging?! It is almost like brushing your teeth in the morning. …a habit, a ritual, …one that refreshes!

  13. Good to see you back, Tina! Apropos mirrorless….I have been a Nikon girl for more than two decades, but my D300 is just too heavy now because of muscle fatigue with MS…so I have switched to mirrorless, and whilst I still have moments of wondering if I’ve done the right thing I am largely pleased with my little OMD EM1. But I did love Nikon glass!

    • Thanks for your input Sue – glad to know you’re happy with the mirrorless. More and more shooters are going that way. I’m wondering if waiting a year will mean even better technology. Ah the quest for perfection!!! (and lower cost of course!!)

      • Ha! Perfection – are you a pixel-peeper? 😉 but I know what you mean…A small part of me is still wondering if I have done the right thing…I was so wedded to my Nikon! Basically, I need to take a bit more care whilst I am getting used to handling the mirrorless – I make mistakes that I wouldn’t have done with the D300 because that was more intuitive for me. But I looove the weight! I know I shall have a camera with me more often now.

  14. Yes, Tina- you were missed last week… good to see you back… and even more, good for you for having the courage to leave technology behind. That’s a very tough vacation to take!

    Love this collection of quotes; and, as always, love the photographic compliments (or- actually, it”s the other way around… the quotes compliment the photos…) Either way- super ❤

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