Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

“Embrace the magical gift of serenity in your daily life. ”

Angelica Hopes

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I especially appreciate Cheri’s photo challenge, serenity, after the week of turmoil overseas. We are fortunate to be able to break away from the chaos and let nature bring us peace. Here on Kiawah the landscapes around every corner beckon us when we are seeking quiet and calm.



“Serenity is found when wading into it.”

Rodney Ross

Water is an element that has drawn mankind since time immemorial. Obviously, as an island Kiawah offers amazing ocean views, many of which I’ve posted these last two years. But just as beautiful, in my opinion, are our amazing river and marsh vistas. Unlike the ocean, our marshes change with the seasons. Above, a favorite capture of autumn marsh grasses graced by a beautiful live oak fronting the Kiawah River.



“For serenity, always prefer the cottage to the palace.”

Mehmet Murat Ildan

A bonus here on Kiawah, beyond our amazing natural resources, are some of the man-made elements developed to enhance our golf courses. With a particular focus on environmentally-responsible development, the lagoons have become a haven for all kinds of wildlife. Alligators, birds, deer, raccoons, fish, even river otters share the bounty of these calm, protected waters.



“The serenity of the Gods cannot be achieved by the sword.”

Andrew Ashling

There are times when weather can contribute to our sense of peace and calm. In the capture above, the contrast between the verdant green of the grasses, the purity of the egrets’ snowy-white wings, and the deep blues of the approaching storm clouds combine to create a world of wonder. Often as I drive by vistas like this one, I pull my car to the side of the road and simply observe as nature puts on her incredible show.



“Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.”

Thomas Szasz

Finally, ours was a very wet week here on Kiawah, in fact Friday was the first sun we’ve seen in many days. But it rains so infrequently here that when it does happen many of us feel it’s the perfect opportunity to do some reading, clean out closets, listen to music…. you get the idea 😄 ;  and of course we remind ourselves that we’d much rather have a bit of rain than fight the ice and snow that so often blankets the midwest and the north.

How about you? Where do you go or what do you do when you are seeking serenity? To share in the serenity of some other bloggers, click here.

137 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

  1. Storm Clouds….. I love the smattering of a few white birds in there. Tis what caught my eye first until I read the title .
    Rainy day here where I am… time to read & play catch up on ‘puter.

  2. Excellent, Tina! I especially love the rain through the window photo paired do with that boredom quote, as I couldn’t agree more. How many times have I said I could use a bit of boredom in my life!

  3. Tina, this post and your previous one together bring out the striking contrast between ‘the calm’ and ‘the violent’. The soft light and the bright blue sky induce a sense of peace and happiness that only nature can provide. As always, the images are beautiful 🙂

    • Thanks so much Uday – yes the contrast between last week and this is pretty stark, isn’t it? I sincerely appreciate your giving such thought and consideration to both posts and to the connections between them.

    • Perhaps it goes all the way back to when we first emerged from the sea, depending on which scientist you ask! Thanks Nora – it’s hard to resist the serenity of water of any kind, isn’t it?!

  4. I think I’m beginning to fall in love with the Island of Kiawah… your images take us to a place where
    every season brings magic, joy,
    and peace… Almost like a piece of
    heaven on earth I imagine?

    • Thank you Atureaud. As for heaven on earth – sometimes definitely yes. But then you might not want to visit in mid July or August 😊 . Unless, that is, you enjoy incredibly hot and humid with afternoon rainshowers most days. It’s the price we pay for our lovely weather the rest of the year!

  5. A very special collection of serene and beautiful photos Tina. The words resonate with peace and the quotes are perfect. So much thought goes into your posts and I look forward to each one.

  6. Thanks Tina….your work is, as always, inspiring. Water is where I most often find my own serenity and I particularly love your ‘rainy day’ shot! I need to find my own version – shouldn’t be too difficult living on the pacific west coast (Vancouver)!

    • Thanks Deb – and you live in one of my favorite places anywhere! Haven’t been there in years but remember it clearly – so beautiful. Hope it’s not too rainy and cold these days!

  7. Tina, this is just a lovely interpretation of ‘serenity’. What a beautiful island you live on. I love the quotes that you use in your posts. Where do you find them? They are always so appropriate.

    • Thanks very much Grace -yes we are very fortunate here on Kiawah. As for the quotes, I am a master of web searching 🙂 I don’t have any one particular source – I’m an equal opportunity quote searcher! I just put quote+whatever subject I’m looking for and then I’m off and reading everything I can find. It’s very unusual NOT to find something good somewhere!!

    • Thank you Jude! Two of my favorite little spots – one is about a 1/4 mile away so I often go there on my bike. The rainy day shot was taken from my back porch. Passing the time until the rain stopped 🙂

  8. just LOVE this piece “SERENITY”…..wonderful…calming photos! I especially love ‘rainy day on Kiawah’…and YES…we do look forward to those CALMER & SLOWER days!!!
    Again…your words are very special!!

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