“We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers.”

Carl Sagan



This week Ben’s challenge “depth” made me think of this capture of a very contented duck paddling atop a school of carp at the next level down – peaceful coexistence at its best! The clarity of the lake water was lovely, and belied its depth, which greater than you’d think. My polarizing filter was a must-have for this one 😊.



“Learn this from water; loud splashes the brook but the ocean depths are calm.

Gautama Buddha

Speaking of depth, how deep do you suppose this beautifully clear azure pool might be beneath the torrents of falling water? Β Since it was pouring rain when I shot it, my umbrella was more important than any filter might have been.

I’m traveling this week with limited technology access, so will leave you with just these two shotst to consider. If you’re thirsting for some deeper interpretations, click here.


  1. I remember vividly the image of the west in the US through cowboy movies: desert, cactus, cowboys. Nice photos Tina πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Zain – yes they’re very iconic aren’t they? Interestingly although your comment is obviously meant for my post from Arizona, it showed up on my previous post. WordPress is doing some really odd things of late!!

  2. Love the duck sailing above the carp, beautiful colours in that pic. The other pic just makes me want to jump in the water – where is it? I would guess it’s deeper than it looks.

    • Thanks Maamej – it was the color that called to me in the first place so thanks for noticing it. As for the waterfall/pool, it is in the Yunnan province of China. They have some really beautiful natural wonders there, all the better because they were so unexpected!

    • Thanks Roviond – yes I think we’ve worked thru the issues altho time will tell if they’re completely resolved since the problem is intermittent. As for the jubata, this duck was in China so I’m thinking it’s a different variety.

  3. That duck must feel a little insecure with all that activity right beneath his feet. Amazing image. Will wait patiently and look forward to seeing photos of where you are travelling Tina..

  4. Sensational images for the prompt! Stunning color and patterns in that duck image and beautiful light and softness in the paradise image! Gorgeous, both!!

    • Hey there Pix – the waterfall is in the Yunnan province of China, which has some of the most beautiful natural spots I’ve seen anywhere. As for my technology minimalism, I must admit to severe withdrawal symptoms, although I think my husband was very grateful I’d left the computer behind LOL

  5. Awesome opening quote ~ matched by an awesome opening photo. Reminds me of the old saying of the duck exhibiting calmness above but paddling like crazy below. Wish you safe travels and happy trails.

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