Weekly Photo Challenge – It’s a BLUR

“Imagination is the beginning of creation.”

George Bernard Shaw

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This week, the Weekly Photo Challenge and I are nicely in sync. The challenge, Blur, comes after a very interesting outing with professional photographer Denise Ippolito. Beyond sharing her wonderful images as well as her thoughts on blending art and nature, Denise spent a bit of time in the field focused on blurring techniques as well as both multiple exposures and image overlays in camera. I was happy with my results from the day, and definitely learned a few new tricks, but find I prefer the flexibility of overlay and multiple exposures in post processing. During the shoot I captured the scene above by doing a slow vertical pan which I later overlaid with an image of a French postcard. To me the opportunity for creativity was best addressed by post-processing the blurred image of the trees.



“Pictures that require the most imagination and perspiration are the ones that look the easiest.”

Bob Croxford

The second shot, above, was taken the same day.  The tree in that shot was behind me, the forest from the first shot in front of me. (As always, I was following the photographer’s golden rule –  always look behind you.) It was actually a sunny, blue sky day but I loved the barren tree all alone in the field and thought it lent itself a bit better to a stark B&W image, which I then overlaid with some grunge effects.



 “The camera is an endlessly intriguing partner that challenges my imagination and knowledge.”

Ralph Auletta

Following our outing I decided to look at a few of the photos in my archives that might benefit from some blur. I especially liked the photo above, taken some time ago in Vietnam, as I felt the blurring created a feeling of age and timelessness. The shot below, created during the same journey, is from beautiful Ha Long Bay. It was among my favorites from the trip, and I felt adding an overlay gave me an interesting alternative to the original.



“A photographer brings your imagination to reality.”

Mark Cariaga

Finally, the capture below is from my adventure in China last year. Here I let a bit of color come through my overlay to give the shot a touch of whimsy.



“A good image can be created, executed, captured, recorded; but it is well before imagined by a mind.”

Lakshman Iyer

As you may have noticed, my quotes this week focus on imagination rather than specifically our challenge word, “Blur”. For me, impressionism, blur, creating art based on photography – are all examples of a photographer using imagination to create an end product that expresses an idea rather than realistic reporting. In my quest for these quotes, I came upon some thoughts from photographer Bob Croxford, who is also quoted above. I must admit they made me smile 😊

  • The best light occurs when I am stuck in the office or have left my camera at home
  • If I wait for perfect conditions someone will park a truck in the view.
  • Having walked for miles for a good picture I often find the best photo when I return is right next to my car. The only problem is that I’ve parked in the middle of the view

Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely holiday weekend. For a view of the blurs of some other bloggers, click here.

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