“Progress and motion are not synonymous.”

Tim Fargo

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Those who follow me know I have missed very few Weekly Challenges. Last week, however, I was away for a family event in beautiful Charlottesville, VA during which I was the “designated” photographic chronicler of events. It was great fun, but definitely diverted me from my usual activities. My apologies to those who commented on my last post, as I never did get to either responding or return visits. I’m finally just about caught up with all of the things I didn’t do while I was away, and Jen’s challenge is on my list.

My niece was enchanted by these two runaway chickens during our outing so I’ve chosen to feature them in the midst of their forward motion.



“Unlike clocks, hours have no reverse motion.”


Most of my photography was events-oriented during the week, so I thought it might be interesting to feature some “before and after” images of the few of the nature shots I took.  Above, I chose a texture that gave the chicks a bit of a retro feel. What do you think?



“Life is in infinite motion. At the same time it is motionless.”

Debasish Mridha

Across the street from the home in which we stayed, there was a beautiful garden with the most amazing tulips in full bloom. The shot above captures some of their glorious color as originally shot.  Below, two different versions of the same bloom.



“Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite.”

Anais Nin

After seeing the results of the slightly bolder version, I stepped a bit further outside the box, and came up with this impression.



“Never confuse motion with action.”

Ernest Hemingway

The tulips were resting against a time-worn fence which is the scene that first caught my eye. So speaking of outside the box, how about this edit? Must admit I may have gone a bit overboard with this one 😊



“Our nature consists in motion; complete rest is death.”

Blaise Pascal

Here’s the original of the Blue Tulips shot. I find it interesting to see how images can “feel” different as they are altered through editing, don’t you think? I’ve had some fun working with these shots, but now it’s back to reality and catching up with some far less interesting tasks.



“Colors answer feeling in man; shapes answer thought; and motion answers will.”

John Sterling

Motion need not be purely physical. Our minds stay fresh by learning new things and incorporating them–keeping our brains in motion as well as our bodies. For me, practicing some of the editing techniques I learned a few weeks ago is a good example of “Use it or Lose it”! To see how some other bloggers interpreted this one, click here.


  1. The quotes you place are always so perfect with the photos and life itself, and this one you use says much ~ “Life is in infinite motion. At the same time it is motionless.” With your travels and photography, you may be busy traveling and shooting, but the happiness you feel and bring makes everything stand still. The blue tulips were one of those shots that made everything stop for me: the colors of the flower and stems and the perfect backdrop of the bleached out fence. Perfect.

  2. These are exciting edits, Tina, and I can’t decide on a favourite. I have to say that I am most drawn to chicks – what a fabulous capture!

  3. Really like the Retro Chicks; they could be featured on an ad for….Corn Flakes? The blue tulips, not so much. Maybe it’s the need for lightness and brightness in spring that puts me off them.

  4. Beautiful as always, Tina. I continue to love your meshing of quotes with photography. The retro chicks are my favorite! xx

  5. I like the retro chicks, which sounds a bit like a movie about a couple of older women. :-). I like the colorful blooms but that might be in part because today’s been dreary and rainy.


  6. Those chicken pictures were great! I think I liked it a little better with the texture, but not by much. I know what you mean about family keeping you off the blog – I’m in Atlanta right now visiting my daughter and the family. It’s great fun, but I won’t get much else done.


    • Thanks Nancy – it’s funny, I only went for the chickens because my niece was so enamored with them, but as I was shooting them I was thinking “I’ll bet there will come an opportunity to use these two on the blog!” LOL, next thing you know, MOTION! Who knew?

    • You got that right Sharon! Sadly, the more I know about photographic editing the more I question the reality of some of the shots I admire. It’s a quandry isn’t it. I think as long as you don’t try to pass an edited shot off as unadulterated, anything goes!

  7. Like what you did with the textured Retro Chicks and the Bold Tulip shots Tina. The blue tulips really do change the feel of the original but I like the contrast of the red with the grey fence background much more than the blue.

    • Thanks Andy – I agree with you on the blue tulips – they were too far over the edge even for me but always interesting to see what you can create and how it changes your perception. Besides, I had to get a bit creative since I didn’t have a boatload of baseball shots to use for the motion challenge my friend 😄

  8. I liked both Hot and Retro Chicks, preferred the original Colorful Bloom, and thought the blue tulips were very cool … if a rank amateur’s opinion is wanted! Ha.

  9. I really like the treated versions….very rich in texture!! Boy changing the color of the tulips really does alter one’s disposition….feel very serious viewing the blue ones versus playful while viewing the red ones……a very thoughtful piece!!!!

  10. I have missed you..l was thinking that I had dropped off the blog again.. Love the Charottesville area.. Love the fence with the RED tulips and the chickens… Took me back to my rural roots!

    • You are too sweet Miss Linda – thanks for noticing my absence! And yes, I was stunned at how pretty Charlottesville was – it was fully in bloom and just the epitome of spring. A perfect visit with the family – what could be better?!

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