The Path Well Taken – Weekly Photo Challenge

“There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk.”

Guy Gavriel Kay

(4 Photos)



This week my husband and I are in Colorado where the air is crisp and cool and the mountains are everywhere. We had a lovely hike the other day amidst the beautiful groves of aspens – something we don’t see in South Carolina. I thought it would make a lovely abstract, so I shot it both ways. The second version follows below.



“Every new path will look fresh, even though it is old. Because we are new not the path.”


The wildflowers along the way were astounding – as they are all throughout the mountains we’ve explored. I suppose the more difficult the winter the stronger the blooms that survive. Below, an example of the way they line the path.



“Don’t look at the difficulties on your path. Focus on the opportunities ahead.”

Lailah Gifty Akita

Finally, beneath our feet, an example of some of the whispy weeds along the way – even they have their own beauty.



“Creating your own path is creating a new path for the world.”

Mehmet Murat Ildan

It’s been a joy exploring the landscapes in the west, which are so different from our usual southern environment. I look forward to sharing more of our expeditions when we return. For now, click here to see what some others found Beneath Their Feet.


75 thoughts on “The Path Well Taken – Weekly Photo Challenge

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  2. Your photos definitely remind me of the beauty of the West when able to get out and enjoy the mountains and nature. A different view for you than the East Coast of the Carolinas… Your second and third shots of this post would make for a perfect book-end of framed photos in a study or office, where it could take the mind away to another world. The third shot having it all: colors of the flowers, freedom of the woods and the old wooden fence to represent the dreams of being there. What a great backyard that would make 🙂

    • A great backyard indeed Randall. The best thing would be that since they’re wildflowers you wouldn’t have to weed or replant!! It really is a beautiful landscape out there. I especially loved the aspens – so different from our foliage around here. They’re really quite magical.

    • Thanks Nora – it was beautiful out there. Quite different from home and sadly I expect quite different from rainy, cold Scotland! We will certainly get our share of temps this month!!

  3. One of my favorite sounds out west is the distinctive one of the rustling aspen leaves. Their light trunks are a lovely contrast to all the evergreen/pine trees as well. I’m happy you’re finding wildflowers yet. That means there’s been rain. We won’t get to Wyoming this year for only the second time (for me) since college, so I doubly enjoy your photos. Happy trails!


    • Thanks Janet. Funny you mentioned the rustling. I went to an outdoor wedding out there and the celebrant had everyone close their eyes and listen to the aspens – which rustled perfectly at his cue. A very special moment you’d have loved!!

  4. Such a scenic hike, Tina. I love the second abstract shot – sort of looks wispy…a bit of a ghost path that doesn’t seem real to the eye 😀 Love the last quote. When we create our own paths, we create our own worlds and make things possibe. I like that. Hope you are enjoying your time near the mountains and take care.

  5. Very pretty wildflower shot, & so lush compared to the landscapes I’m used to. Looks like a lovely place to walk. I also love the abstract. Enjoy the rest of your trip, look forward to seeing more pics from it.

  6. Very different from what you have done in the past. Thank you i enjoyed your view  xoxo   Cuzzin  lee

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • Thanks Jane. Back home now. Weather is actually really nice, surprisingly. Unfortunately so busy w the move haven’t had time to enjoy it. But this too shall pass. Hope alls well!

    • Hey Lex. The bad news–not there any more! The good news? It’s much cooler here than when I left and I really enjoyed the warm breezes. Appreciate your visit and comment.

  7. Lovely, Tina!! Your observation on the wild flowers is exactly what I’ve always said about Connecticut’s lavish display in late Spring!!

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