Monochromatic Weekly Photo Challenge

“A painter works with color as a medium, a photographer works with light.”

Carlotta M. Corpron



Well my friends, I am back – sort of!  After three wonderful weeks in Scotland we returned to Kiawah only to face our move to temporary lodging while we search for a new home. In Scotland we drove a manual-shift, right-side steering wheel car over 1200 miles on the opposite side of the rode – I can only say YIKES!!  But it was well worth the angst as the country is absolutely glorious and really a photographer’s dream. In hindsight the driving (and even more frightening, the passengering) was easy compared to moving 😩.

Much more on our visit to Scotland later, because one of the trials of moving is a temporary lack of internet service so for today just this one monochromatic photo in response to Jen’s challenge.  With a huge thank-you to our friends who have shared their home (and their internet) with us as we make our way through the moving morass, I’ll return to the REAL challenge of finishing up our move this week.

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49 thoughts on “Monochromatic Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. sounds like you had a wonderful trip. i am still making my way slowly back into blogging after a 4 months’ blogging hiatus. so am catching up on a few of your last challenges. what a great mood this image has…. thanks for sharing – and welcome back!

  2. Tina, I noticed from this post you mentioned having returned back to Kiawah. I was just having a look on Google maps to see where it was, and as I’m sure you probably already know, there is a flashflood weather warning for that neck of the woods for the next few hours 😦 It’s the first time I’ve seen a weather warning come up on Google maps. Just thought I better let you know, just in case. And BTW, great photo!!

  3. Good luck with your move and finding a new house and home close to your heart, Tina. I’m glad you enjoyed beautiful Scotland. Thanks for this lovely image.
    All the best, warm greetings from the Bavarian Alps,

  4. How lovely to have you back Tina; you have been missed 🙂 Look forward to seeing your photos from Scotland. Hope it’s not too long before you find your new home. Warmest wishes as always.

  5. love this very ‘calming’ shot!!! it’s stillness creates a sense of peace for me……
    wishing u that peace as u gather things & advance to a whole new adventure….be back mid october if can help in any way………enjoy every moment as moving on is always very theraputic & healthy!!😘

  6. Lovely, Tina! I had been missing you on the internet during your travels! I can’t wait to read more about your trip, our daughter has been wanting us to take a family vacation there for years. Good luck with your move, having made a number of moves over the years I know how unsettling it is. I hope the transition goes smoothly!

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  8. Very nice to hear you are back, Tina. And what a trip by the sound of it. Glad you got the driving – and seating in the passenger seat – under control. This is certainly a lovely photo. Very pretty baby blue and baby pink colours. The water looks so soft, almost smooth even…like a very nice big bed. Looking forward to hearing more of the trip at some point. In the meantime, good luck with the move 🙂

  9. Good to see you back safe and sound, Tina.
    And I must say, thank God the Brits DO drive on the correct side of the road (as do we Aussies) 😀 I can’t imagine driving on the other side.

    I remember Scotland as being absolutely gorgeous. Wide open moors and rugged hills & mountains (for the most part). Wished I’d had a decent camera back in the 1970s to record it.

    I don’t envy you the task of moving (more than once so it seems) – it is not fun, even if you do think you don’t have a lot of possessions & furniture. Thank goodness for your generous friends.

    Look forward to seeing some images of Scotland in the future. In the meantime, I just love the image in this post. So peaceful & calming.

  10. You are amazing, Tina. Would love to hear more of your adventures.

    We will be in Kiawah Wednesday night and staying until maybe the 8th of October. Hopefully we can get together then.

    Give me some dates!

    Hope you are both well. Toni

  11. I have missed your beautiful photos, so happy to see you back, even if for a brief visit. I look forward to the Scottish highlights through your lens and I wish you well with the move and house search. I know how THAT feels 🙂
    Jude xx

  12. Good luck with the move. I know how you are feeling as we packed our life and headed back to Canada not so long ago. It was hard to say good-bye to friends and the city we called home. The worst part was the packing, sorting and purging. Soon a bigger challenge will begin as we sort our things we stored away for the last 5 years. A task I am dreading. I feel for you. Positive vibes heading your way 🙂

  13. Welcome back….or maybe you wish you were still in Scotland! 🙂 I’ve been boxing up the kids stuff for them to take….I cannot imagine a ‘real’ move with actual packing!

  14. Looking forward to Scotland posts! Are your hands and feet still trying to shift gears “backwards” now that you’re home? After a long trip driving a stick shift on the wrong side of the road, I always come home and have a hard time going back to the “right” way!

    • LOL, thanks Lex. My husband did most all of the driving so my re-entry was not only easy, it was like a gift from God after the “thirlls” of those narrow roads and left-side driving in Scotland!! Such a beautiful place tho, well worth the angst!

  15. Beautiful photo. I wish I hadn’t missed the fact that you were coming to Scotland – did you make it to Aberdeen? I look forward to seeing your photos, though I think you were right saying they would probably be wet. It has not been a good summer here, but we did have a couple of nice weeks earlier. I hope you had some good weather to capture some of the beautiful places here.

    • Bummer – forgot you were there Annette! Yes we were in Aberdeen, it was quite lovely. We actually drove 1200 miles criss-crossing all of Scotland – quite an adventure. Great fun and gorgeous country. Stay tuned to the blog for photos and descriptions of our exploits!

      • Oh that is a real shame that we missed you. Oh well, next time. Will enjoy seeing your photos though. That must have been some adventure.

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