Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

“Bars on the window are merely the grid through which we see shooting stars.”

Kamila Shamsie



For reasons much too boring to explain, my Scotland photos remain offline so I am once again drawing from the archives to address this week’s challenge. The good news is it gave me an opportunity to revisit some favorite captures from past travels. The opening shot was a glorious glass ceiling I found in Buenos Aires. Hard not to look up with so much beauty above.



Still looking up, in nearby Mendoza an intricate grid of metal stairways intersecting with circles in the roof of a contemporary vineyard.



A bit farther away, grids on grids in the hall of a shopping market in Central Europe.



Closer to home, an amazing reflection in the glass windows of downtown Louisville Kentucky. Looking up, but not quite as far 😊



Still finding grids on high, how would you like to have THIS window washing job? It was only a small part of the wall of windows gracing the swimming pavilion from Beijing’s Olympic Park.



On a more plebeian level, I thought the grid of this Chinese game, with it’s pieces’ beautiful characters, made an interesting capture.



Finally, on the coast of Maine, a complex grid made up of dozens of crab traps awaiting tomorrow’s expedition.

In closing, you may notice the lack of my usual quotations. I’m blaming the overload of the past few weeks but must admit the lack of reasonable quotes on the subject may also have had something to do with it.Β  Enjoy some other entries by clicking here.

99 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

  1. The dome photo is stunning! I’m a nature lover and revel in the beauty of wild things. So I forget to stop and look for the beauty in man-made objects, too. The lines and color are spot on!

  2. Great series, Tina! That first image is a stunner, really! I love the third one for its composition and the nice grey tones. ‘Window Washers’, makes me wonder how we humans create such overpowering, magnificent structures that make the creator look insignificant in front of his own creations! πŸ™‚

  3. As usual i enjoy the variety and selection of your work, Tina. Some works of art here…. specially the metal work in the Central Europe building.
    Look forward to seeing your photos of Scotland. Brooding, atmospheric countryside there.

  4. Wonderful collection of shots Tina – the first one is just amazing. I’d have a crick-in-the-neck after staring at that all day, amazing what artists can create. Hope you had a great summer (guessing you did!). Cheers.

    • Many thanks Randall – had fun with my memories on this one. Summer was incredibly hectic with lots of travel added to 2 moves but now back on track and enjoying the return to cooler weather here in the south.

  5. Hi Tina, Nice interpretation here. Beautiful set of photos! Long time no see, I know. My summer offered no real time of rest, holiday, or time to blog! In other words, overload. I’m sure missing it all and hope I can return on a more regular basis. To writing and reading both! Really enjoyed this one. Nice!

  6. Beautiful images, Tina. Those blue walls in Beijing at the Olympic Park look stunning and the cleaners seem to be doing a very good job of keeping them that stunning colour. My favourite of the lot would have to be the first one – I bet if I was looking up at it, I’d feel dizzy from its grandeur and beauty. Hope you are resting well from your trip πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Mabel – fully rested from the trip and the subsequent move. All caught up on administrivia and enjoying life back home. As for the window washers – I agree completely. I cannot imagine being that high on such a delicate platform!!

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