(Extra)Ordinary Boats – Weekly Photo Challenge

“Extraordinary magic is woven through ordinary life. Look around!”

Amy Leigh Mercree

(3 Photos)



This week we’ve been challenged to focus on ordinary objects made extraordinary. As Cheri notes, many of us are drawn to see beauty in the mundane. Often times while shooting I will visualize an effect I may want to apply in post-processing. The rowboat above is a good example. In reality, the interior of the boat was painted a horrid shade of blue, and the dock behind it had some strange colors I cannot imagine ever having existed in the natural world! Looking at the composition in color, one might simply pass it by. Converting it to sepia and adding a bit of texture can give it a more old-world feeling – transforming it into a more interesting bit of nostalgia.



“Refuse to be an extraordinary person trapped in an ordinary life.”

Zero Dean

My eye was drawn to the second boat because of the field of gentle flowers surrounding it. While I liked the shot in color, I felt it was improved by conversion to a soft sepia. To me, the scene’s lighting evoked a feeling of lazy days gone by and memories of long afternoons spent enjoying the warmth of summer sun.



“The world is divided into the ordinary and the extraordinary. The problem is deciding which is which.”

Piero Scaruffi

My sense is that the artists among us see the world not only as it exists, but also as it might become when handled with creativity and care. The magic of today’s tools is that they allow us to translate the ordinary into something that conveys our own artistic vision. I offer one final example in today’s header image, which to me offers a glimpse into the moody magic of Scotland’s lovely landscapes as they might have been portrayed in years past.

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58 thoughts on “(Extra)Ordinary Boats – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. To turn the ordinary objects made extraordinary, just pass them through your lens Tina and it is done 🙂 The backstory on your reasoning for processing adds even more ~ the sepia tone you bring to these shots make me feel as if it is a timeless scene…which would not be the case with electric blue interiors in the boats. You made these shine. Wish you a great weekend.

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  3. “the artists among us see the world not only as it exists, but also as it might become when handled with creativity and care” – beautiful, thank you for this insight.

  4. beautiful photos! I’m living in Port Townsend, WA right now and they have an amazing boat building school and all sorts of crazy wooden boats everywhere. Not too long ago was the wooden boat festival which was pretty amazing!

  5. Beautiful photos and love what you did in post-processing. You do think far and miles ahead, Tina, thinking about post-processing when you are shooting. On the ball with what you want to achieve, and I suppose you also take shots from different angles of the same thing and see if it jogs your creativity. I know I do that 🙂 “also as it might become” Love that thought. These days I’m experimenting more and more long exposure photography, and it’s so fun to visualise how the raw shot will eventually turn out versus how I want it to turn out. Of course, there’s always post-processing… 😀

    The first quote is my favourite. The most ordinary things can be the most beautiful, and funny how a lot of the time only when they are gone do we realise that is so. So, cherish what we have ❤

    • Thanks Mabel – I look forward to seeing some of your long exposure shots! I too love those kinds of artistic touches. Some of my favorites were of a beautiful sunrise over the ocean waves. – Talk about cherishing the moment!

  6. Ahhh, the warmth of summer sun…I miss it already but the last two shots put me back there. I’m ready to break out the fishing rod. 🙂 Nice post for this week’s challenge Tina.

    • Thanks Andy – happy to have taken you to a warmer place! We’re having our first shot of fall weather today and I must admit I’m not quite ready for it. Hoping there’s an indian summer before it’s over!

  7. You did an extraordinary job of making these boats extraordinary! The sepia tones are gorgeous and the second photo is my absolute favorite. It reminds me of a Wyeth painting. Very nice, Tina.

  8. Oh. And I loved this: My sense is that the artists among us see the world not only as it exists, but also as it might become when handled with creativity and care.

    Kudos! Fantastic photos as well. 🙂

  9. I’m on your page, Tina, regarding artistic interpretation – often I will imagine an image processed. Sometimes it works, sometimes I can’t get it quite as I ‘saw’ it! These are lovely sepia studies, and a mood evoked in each.

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