Vibrant – Weekly Photo Challenge

“The more ugly, older, more cantankerous, more ill and poorer I become, the more I try to make amends by making my colors more vibrant, more balanced and beaming.”

Vincent Van Gogh



This week I finally got around to a long overdue purge of some old computer files. My reward for a job well-done was re-discovering a number of photos I’d long forgotten that were among my favorites from my travels. I thought this set of recollected captures from an ancient church in Provence was a nice fit for this week’s Vibrant challenge.



“Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.

Ronald Reagan

I loved the way the light shining through the tiny window lit up the textures on the antique walls, giving the church quite an ethereal feeling. One wonders how many times the faithful gathered here before the church fell into disrepair.



“I like things full of color and vibrant.”

Oscar de la Renta

Finally, the pulpit – a place from which we can assume countless sermons were delivered. What do you suppose their messages were, and do you think people listened and learned? One hopes the lessons focused on love, compassion and forgiveness rather than missives of fire and brimstone.

Wishing you a week of vibrancy and warmth (or in the case of our Australian friends, some cooling breezes) 😊





82 thoughts on “Vibrant – Weekly Photo Challenge

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    • Sue, thanks for the pingback but how on earth did you find that post??? Great exterior shots. It was bright midday sun when I was there so no exterior shots for me 😫

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  3. I agree – what a marvellous find.
    (I’ve also spent part of my last week purging some archives – good task to do since I didn’t have the internet for 9 days).

  4. These photos are such a find, it must have been pretty exciting to come across them. There is something about old buildings and ‘history’ that always fascinates to be around and sense – but I can never get such feelings to transfer into a decent photo. You’ve done this so well with this set. What is even better, if you would not have purged your files, they never would have seen the “LIGHT OF DAY” πŸ™‚

  5. thank you for taking us along on this visit, Tina. love the colours and the mood of this ancient yet lovely building. i think your wishes about what was taught from the pulpit echoes the heart of God, too πŸ™‚
    thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely interpretation of this week’s challenge, Tina. Such gorgeous photos of this ancient church. It looks like a world away from this time we live in. I like the Oscar de la Renta quote. I too like things in colour and vibrant. Colour and anything vivid always uplifts me. Hope you are having a good week, Tina πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Mabel – it was a beautiful, serene place and interestingly we were the only once who stopped in to see it. Go figure! Such a treasure and people walking right by without even looking inside. Sigh – people are in such a hurry aren’t they?!

  7. Sorry, I was posting from my phone. I wanted to say that these pictures have a special vibrancy that only time and good camera work can provide πŸ™‚ I love visiting old buildings so thank you for taking us along to Provence.

  8. Such an interesting quote from Van Gogh Tina. So sad that he describes himself as “ill and poor” when his work today has made so many as rich as Croesus. The church in Provence looks so familiar. Do you remember where it is? What a lovely treasure trove to find in your old computer files. Reminds us all to purge more often; I know I’m well overdue. Whenever I look at my old files of 35mm film I am always excited by what I find. Best wishes πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Andrew – yes I must admit it’s taken me much more time than it should since I’ve found so many shots I hadn’t thought of in a long time. Saved myself 22 GB of storage and counting tho so definitely tossing some of the losers LOL. Yes, agree on Van Gogh – genius is not something I’d want to be blessed/cursed with I’m afraid.

  9. I hope you didn’t purge these beautiful photos. What a find. And thank you for the cool breezes wish, we could do with them. Fire and brimstone and floods over here at the moment.

    • Thanks Pauline – no I didn’t delete these. But I did go from 7GB to 30 GB and I’m not finished yet so that the exercise was well worth it! I think I’ve saved my Mac for at least a few more months anyway LOL. Hope your storms have calmed down – ours arrive tomorrow 😦

      • I am a bit lazy, I always intend to sort them out and only keep the best, there are always lots of duds, but never seem to get round to it as the next lot of photos are coming in. So I just put everything on to an external hard drive to make more room telling myself I will do that when I have time!!!! Hope your storms are not too bad. Ours have fizzled out now, but horribly hot and humid.

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  11. Love these images, Tina…abandonment, decay, and glorious textures…..and I’m itching to know where it is though. I know I shouldn’t ask! Perhaps it’s all gone now, anyway

      • Love Oppede le Vieux….went many years ago before the place was renovated but I didn’t know you could get into the church! I’m sure I tried the door then, and it was shut.

  12. How fun that cleaning led to discovery – and I like what you noted about hoping the messages delivered were not all fire and brimstone – and makes me wonder too – like was it the same religiosity that infuriated Martin Luther – ? And even today I sadly think most churches miss the mark with what is protracted – preached – and put forth! Anyhow – I love all the patina here

    • Thanks Yvette – yes the church patine just cried out to be captured. Something about that decay being so beautifully sunlit that made it such an incredible environment. Afraid I’m with you about today’s churches but once in a while you find one that really gets it and it’s terrific. Just gotta keep trying!

      • Yes I agree on gotta keep trying – but also feel like the whole institution needs an overhaul – but such a layered topic – whew – hope your month is off to a good start!

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