Seasonal Scenery – Weekly Photo Challenge

“To one in sympathy with nature, each season, in turn, seems the loveliest.”

Mark Twain



“Spring time is nature at its best.”

Lailah Gifty Akita

Our challenge this week is to illustrate the seasons, either literally or metaphorically. I’ve chosen some captures that to me are a clear announcement of each season’s arrival. Here on Kiawah we are on the cusp of spring. Flowers are beginning to bud, birds are reinforcing their nests, and bobcats are readying their dens. Above, a beautiful egret in full breeding plumage prepares for spring’s next generation.



“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”

William Shakespeare

A pair of bicycles on Kiawah’s 10-mile beach brings to mind the warmth of summer. While most of the U.S. delights in summer’s sun, those of us in the south tend to find ways to escape her humid heat. Interestingly, while many of our full-time residents head north for at least part of July and August, those are the two busiest months for visiting tourists, who come from their inland homes to enjoy our beautiful beach with its cooling breezes. Proving once again that it truly is all relative.



“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”

William Cullen Bryant

Autumn on Kiawah brings a burst of color quite different from those of our many years in the north. There, reds, oranges and yellows create dazzling landscapes, while here our seasonal changes take a more subtle approach. The marshes turn to vast fields of gold while inland the pinkish-purple of our sweetgrass makes its all-too-brief debut. A major difference vs our friends in the north however, is that while our plants and grasses may change color less dramatically, they continue to flower and bloom throughout winter – delivering color throughout the year.



“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

Percy Bysshe Shelley

In 16 years of living in the south we have seen snow only twice, and only once did it say for a full day. Despite the very rare extreme cold, I did venture out to capture its beauty. We worried at the time that its severity would create lasting damage to our plants and grasses, but nature once again proved her strength and within days everything was back to normal.

As my husband and I were thinking about leaving behind the bitter winters of our northern home, we agreed that having four distinct seasons each year was important to both of us. While I might complain about the occasional cold, or my husband about the heat and humidity, we remain convinced that seasonal changes are a special element of our lives here on Kiawah….especially as we enjoy the arrival of this year’s spring!




75 thoughts on “Seasonal Scenery – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. You take amazing and captivating photos. Loved your photos. Love them all. And thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you found something interesting. Your blog is beautiful and informative. Have to connect with you to see more… 🙂

  2. Maybe because we are just coming out of the cold of winter and summer gives off the absolutely opposite feeling ~ your warm, relaxing in life “Kiawah Summer” photo stands in perfect juxtaposition to the brilliant, cold and sterile feel of your “Winter’s Wrath” photo. I’ll take summer 🙂

  3. I agree, four seasons is a requirement for us as well. We left the humidity of the east coast, however. The rains of the Pacific Northwest seem much more tolerable…
    Love the collection. Snow scene is stunning!

  4. All such beautiful images and examples of your seasons. Like you I prefer to live where we have four seasons, though these days they do seem to blend into one at times (wet, wet, and wet…)
    Have a good week Tina 🙂

  5. I always thought we only have 2 seasons down here in Florida. However if you look hard enough you will notice nature signals its seasonal changes in very subtle ways. Every season has its positives but by the end of summer I can’t wait for that first cold front of the year.

  6. The announcement of the season is aptly conveyed by the fabulous photo of the pair of bicycles! The colour contrasts of blue /red and black /soft white also metaphorically announce change of seasonal colours. Well done!

    • Thanks WC – it was indeed a very special time for us. I had snow many times when I lived up north but found this particular storm more beautiful than any we’d had up there – maybe because of the rarity, or maybe because the flowers and foliage had these incredible layers of ice encasing them like plastic covers. It’s quite a memory for me.

  7. Tina, your pictures are gorgeous, especially the ones of autumn and winter. My husband and I have begun talking about where we would like to retire, we usually do not consider going south because of our love for the four seasons. Your photos show me that it really depends on where in the south one chooses to settle. It must be lovely, living on an island. We hope to retire on the water someday, a lake preferably, so we can just pull our kayaks down to the water each morning for a paddle. xx

    • Thanks so much Grace. Yes we looked from Georgia through North Carolina at anyplace that had water (beach, lake, river, marsh) and golf. We’ve been here 16 years now and really love it. There are definitely seasons but they are much milder than those we had in the north – and I think it’s such a beautiful area combining a beautiful beach, wonderful marsh, rivers and creeks – and LOTS of kayaking :-). Had never heard of it when we started our exploration but loved it immediately. Good luck in your search when the time comes!

  8. Beautiful interpretation of this week’s challenge. I love all of your captures. Literally bursting with colour and life. It really is funny how some of us long for warm weather in winter and cooler weather in summer. I for one am a summer person all the way 😀 It’s not cold enough to snow here in the city of Melbourne. But, if we wanted to see snow we could take a two hour drive up to the mountains in winter 🙂

  9. Beautiful series Tina! I love each of your seasons! Funny I used to live in NY – snow snow and very cold winters – here in Paris the winters are pretty mild compared to NY – snow is rare – this year for some odd reason I would have liked just a touch of snow – sort of miss the ambience of a winters snow. And now I am anxious for the Spring!

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  11. I enjoy winter, too, Tina, although I’d like a bit more snow than we’ve had this year. I like the bike shot, with it’s invitation to adventure, and that winter shot. We’re not into spring here yet, but I expect it won’t be too far away.


  12. Four season change is imperative to me, too. The anticipation of the next season comes right when fatigue with the current one is setting in.
    So that last image is of snow? What a fabulous contrast against the sweet grass!

  13. Wow! Kiawah looks especially beautiful in winter, stark, but beautiful. I love the changes that each season brings, though they don’t seem to be nearly as dramatic in my neck of the woods

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