Family: Weekly Photo Challenge – One Love

“Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another.”

George Eliot

People holding hands at sunset


This week Anne has suggested “One Love” as our weekly photo challenge. My husband is, of course, the obvious choice. He is my one love as well as my soulmate and best friend.  He is also my family. Together, we are part of a larger family – some related by blood and some by marriage. Beyond that, we are fortunate to share a “family” of friends who are as close as is possible without sharing blood. I think Lindsey Rietzsch said it best “If you have friends and family who love you unconditionally – you truly have everything!”  And so we do.

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84 thoughts on “Family: Weekly Photo Challenge – One Love

  1. What a lovely shot, Tina! Is this your family? Or is the the friends who are like family? I love silhouettes such as this one. Your words about your husband were also so sweet to read. I feel the same way about mine! xx

    • Thanks Grace! I took the shot of my very good friends’ family on the occasion of their son’s engagement. It was a beautiful evening and they were so very connected I thought it illustrated the “one love” concept perfectly. And yes, I definitely consider them extended family!

      • It was a great shot to use for the challenge. What a lovely way to remember the evening!

  2. Such a short and sweet post this week, Tina. Very well said. If we those around us accept us for who we are, that is true love. Agree with you that family aren’t just those related by blood. It can be anyone whom we feel a connection to. A great photo you took there. Very dreamy 🙂

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  4. Tina-
    You captured the deepest, and purest essence of the “one love” theme. When I decided to author a blog, a promise was asked by my family to keep us private. So, I’m so appreciative of your heart-felt post.
    ❤ Jane

  5. I couldn’t take a photo of God and my husband would rather not appear on the blog, at least in photo form, so I went a different way. But you’re so right that spouses, families, and connections that are like family are the blessings upon which we build our lives.


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