Earth – Weekly Photo Challenge

I see earth. It is so beautiful.”

Yuri Gagarin



“We are an island in an unimaginably huge universe” is one of Jen’s comments in her Earth challenge this week. As such, I thought the opening quote by Yuri Gagarin would be particularly appropriate, since he is one of the few humans who has actually experienced a large part of that universe.

For those who noticed my absence last week, my husband and I were happily otherwise engaged with entertaining our granddaughter and her parents who were visiting from New York. This week an O/S upgrade on my Mac took much longer than expected (a long story and much too boring to include here!) so my post is a bit shorter than usual. I chose the capture above because  it includes the most important elements of our tiny planet, the land, sea and sky. Let us all understand how important it is to be vigilant in protecting and preserving her assets for our children, grandchildren and generations to come.

62 thoughts on “Earth – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. It seems as if I could fall forever into the center of your photo ~ a perfect look into sky, sea and earth. A very poetic shot. No doubt, there will be little footprints of your grand-daughter racing over the sand of this beach very soon 🙂

  2. appreciate your thoughts – and this beautiful click. this reminds me of a quote i bumped into once somewhere, about the earth being on loan to us… so i had to look it up. here it is:
    “Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”
    ~ Ancient Indian Proverb

  3. Those are wonderful textures in the earth and in the sky. I can totally sympathise with technology issues. I’m frustrated that my keyboard has stopped working and I have to use my phone until I replace it.

  4. A wonderful perfectly stated quote and your beautiful earth photograph – go hand in hand. This is the earth that will be passed down to your grandchildren – the need to protect it even more so.

  5. Wonderful shot, Tina, and I love Yuri’s quote. Simple, but so much truth to it. Sorry to hear about the upgrade and it must have been annoying. But good to hear you had a great time with your family. That is the most important 🙂

  6. nice triad to honor our earth (and enjoy the new computer) – also – I think I counted like seven layers in the image – at least seven – kept looking – and so to feature a single photo – you sure picked the right one….

  7. I missed you Tina. This is a lovely image of our world and the quote is perfect. Hope your computer is soon up and running at full strength again.

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  9. love this shot that u chose….just a magnificant sky!! …OH …and the words…as always…so meaningful!!

  10. Great photo, great quote, great words Tina. Granddaughter time is the definitely the best. Ours becomes more beautiful every day. Happy Mother’s Day to you 🙂
    p.s. Are you happy you upgraded your OS on the mac. I’ve held off for the moment – is it worth doing?

    • Many thanks Andrew. You think you like granddaughter time now, just wait until she becomes a real person and you’re one of her favorite people. Now THAT’s a gift from the heavens for sure! As for the Mac, yes, I’m thrilled I finally have the upgrade behind me. I was several O/S’s behind and none of my apps were current. It was a disaster getting them all upgraded and I had problems with every one of them but all is well now and the worst is behind me when I finally get around to replacing my trusty 9-year-old Mac!!

      • 9 year old Mac!!!! Definitely time for a present from someone to you – hint, hint 🙂 My first Mac was a 512K Mac in 1983 or 4. How times have changed. Now I have 120GB on my phone in my pocket. I love my macbook air which is great for travelling.

      • I know, I know. I’m amazed every time it powers up that it’s still working (knock wood). Yes, the technology progress has been incredible. I remember in the 80s when the first Computerworld stores opened up I predicted no one would every buy a computer in a retail store. LOLOLOLOL. And I was in the computer business at the time!!!

    • Thanks Victor. My issue was I hadn’t upgraded for several years and my network provider told me I could no longer install their upgrades so I was up against the wall. I was hoping to move to a new system sooner but that didn’t happen. The Apple guy was amazed I’m still on a working 9-year-old Mac !!

  11. Great response to the challenge, Tina – short and to the point! My Mac upgrades take yonks these days – an elderly machine that can’t probably take too much more…

    • LOL Sue, the Apple support guy told me he was amazed that my 9-year old Mac was still working. he said I’ve now accomplished the hardest part of moving to a new system and that’s upgrading to the current O/S. It was a mess since I’d not upgraded for literally years. The good news is all’s well and working now, knock wood!!

      • So what OS are you running…El Capitan? I’m on Yosemite, loathe to move to El Capitan as I don’t think I can run Aperture on that….really must move to Lightroom soon…..

      • Yes, El Capitain. Was told originally it wouldn’t work but after reaching the specialist in apple support they were able to get it for me. My issue was I’d originally gotten it bundled with my computer so they had no record of my licensing it. They got me a redemption code and after that it came over perfectly. Whew!

        Sent from my iPad


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