Faces: Weekly Photo Challenge

For a moment at least, be a smile on someone else’s face.”

Dejan Stojanovic



In an uncharacteristic twist this week I thought I’d go for a bit of photographic humor. Cheri’s  Face challenge brought to mind some captures I made while attending a basketball game at our local College of Charleston. I think the baby’s face was part of a temporary advertising campaign but I thought it was such a funny juxtaposition with the cheerleader that I had to include it 😊.



“Learn the sweet magic of a cheerful face.”

Oliver Wendall Holmes Sr.

Since I’m going for lighthearted, I thought I’d include these two faceless party animals who were attending the same game. Not quite sure why they felt dressing up would help lead their team to victory, but who knows? Apparently the woman to their left didn’t find them very funny .



“Smile I tell you, and you will reflect the face of the divine.”

Suzy Kassem

Finally, what college basketball game would be complete without a friendly mascot to help it along? Here, the face of the College of Charleston’s Cougars – usually looking a bit happier! Perhaps the team was behind at this point but as I recall, the Cougars were victorious on this particular evening. Or maybe that’s just the way I prefer to remember it 😊.

To see more “Face” examples, click here.

58 thoughts on “Faces: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. That first one is a hoot! and the second? I see similar during almost every college game I attend lately. It’s the new thing 🙂

  2. I love the shot with the baby face. That is such a good one, great timing. It is almost as if he was meant to be there to watch the cheerleaders up front 😀 I like the first quote a lot. Even if it’s just for a moment, a smile can leave a big impact on someone for a long time, or simply pick them up when they are down 🙂

    • thanks Mabel – I couldn’t resist this one, it just made me laugh out loud. I think I was just trying to capture the cheerleading tricks and the baby’s face made the shot whether I intended it to or not!

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  4. Wonderfully fun change of pace (face?!). The first one is just incredible; it’s like the baby is amazed (or appalled) by the cheerleader’s stunt!

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