Curves: Weekly Photo Challenge

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

Phyllis Diller



This week our photo challenge, Curves, was timed beautifully as my husband and I had just spent a day sharing our beautiful city with some out-of-town guests. One of the highlights of our lovely Charleston is the beautiful work local Gullah artisans do to create sweetgrass baskets. Skills that were originally brought with slaves in the early 1700s and handed down for many generations, the baskets are made from the grasses and reeds that grow in our sandy soil. The baskets of Mary Jackson are featured in the Smithsonian American Art museum, which notes the graceful curves of her work.

Many thanks to those who sent along birthday wishes for my husband. Our celebration was a great success and we especially enjoyed sharing it with so many of our friends and family members.

84 thoughts on “Curves: Weekly Photo Challenge

    • HI Svetlana! Summer’s been great. Big road trip they the Pacific Northwest underway making it difficult to post and follow friends’ blogs but otherwise terrific! Thanks for stopping in!

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  2. Did you feature these baskets in another post a while ago? I was taken with the sinuous curves then (I think) and am still now! Beautiful photo of a beautiful piece of art.

  3. great example of curves!! i always get a warm feeling when i see sweetgrass baskets as it brings me back home!! thanx😘

  4. I almost thought this GOLD – and then to hear it is a basket – well quite an artsy basket photo Tina – it has so many dimensions….
    and glad you are not too post-party exhausted….

  5. Such a simple yet so beautiful interpretation of this week’s theme, Tina. A smile can do wonders, be it smiling at someone or smiling to yourself. Hope it was a good day with the out-of-towners, and hope they got to learn about the sweetgrass baskets. It is a lovely capture there of one of them and this one looks like it’s glowing gold at the handles πŸ˜€ Wonderfully framed πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Mabel – it was a beautiful (if hot) day and our visitors took home a lovely bread basket as well as a photo with the artist. The basket in the photo was actually the cover of a book that I shot through a shop window – ya never know do you!?

  6. Over the years, we’ve bought several of these baskets. I’ve even photographed the makers and sometimes their family members who sell from their stands along the highway. I love the composition, the workmanship, and the products. But I really, really love your perspective in this photo! You’ve created an additional masterpiece!

      • We’re back from the European adventure. Saw a few great baskets in Romania, but no room in suitcase for any of them. Headed to Pawleys Island for a few days, and I’ll probably see some of the Gullah baskets then. Hope your summer is going well.

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