Nostalgic – Weekly Photo Challenge

Nostalgia is your brain’s way of photoshopping the blemishes of your past.”

Steve Maraboli



Typically my approach to our weekly photo challenge is to develop an idea, then find appropriate photos and finally to search for quotes. This week however, the quote determined the theme.  When I saw the opening quote in my search it led me to develop a post where the nostalgic captures have all been photoshopped to allow a highlight color to bleed through.  The first capture, above, seemed to lend itself to a feeling of days gone by – and the red shirt seemed to me the perfect candidate for a touch of color. In the shot below, the colorful head-wraps of the Chinese women enjoying lunch within their dreary surroundings called out to me.



“Nostalgia– that’s the basic sickness, and I never heard of a doctor who can cure it.”

Tim O’Brien

If you search quotes about nostalgia, consensus seems to be that our memories are a bit faulty. Apparently we tend to remember only the good and mercifully spare ourselves from any of the unhappier aspects of the past. Perhaps this is why we are constantly advised to live in the present rather than dwell on the past or worry about what’s ahead. I will admit that focus on the present is not my strong suit. I seem always to be looking ahead, sometimes eagerly and sometimes with worry. But I’m working on it!



“If nostalgia holds you hostage, the ransom is the present.”

Khang Kijarro Nguyen

Personally, I think our memories can be great teachers if we approach them with the right attitude. We can learn from our mistakes to make better decisions in the present. Our memories allow us to keep lost loved ones within our hearts and provide a scrapbook full of positive images for those moments when we need a bit of a boost. Like everything else, moderation in the use of our nostalgic memories is the key.



 “There is no cause for nostalgia save the good and life-enhancing nostalgia for the present.”

Ray Bradbury

 I suppose Ray Bradbury said it best – “nostalgia for the present”; now there’s a concept 😀. Time for me to create some memories on one of the most beautiful days of the year here on our little island. Here’s hoping your day is especially memorable!

64 thoughts on “Nostalgic – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Such a wise take on nostalgia – the present being the cure was a good point -and I think what I like about yoga is how it helps focus the thoughts-to be in the now and all that.
    Anyhow – it was a nice contrast to have the meaty text paired with such vivid and alive color select photos – each one had its own vibe!
    The pink headdresses were really loud – but in a good way – Like color appreciation – but the chairs and bit of orange – went back to it a few times.

  2. Lovely Tina, you found some great quotes and sense of nostalgia in your photo choices. Isn’t it wonderful how our images/pictures can take on a whole new meaning and ‘life’ when presented for a challenge or post ! Ah nostalgic memories …love sharing songs and do you remember times , highs and lows … but I don’t live there permanently … SO much to look forward to 🙂 Enjoy your week Tina !

  3. I loved those ” pops of pink and red”….. Reminders of good things in the midst of the mundane… I think you live a life of ” expectancy ” and therefore catch moments many miss. 💐

  4. I really like Nguyen’s quote, that the ransom is the present. It is the present that we experience lessons in the now and get to be a part of reality first hand. I am quite like you, always like thinking forwards and planning for every situation. Sometimes that can get stressful, and sometimes that makes me forget what exactly I am doing in the present 😀

    • I hear you on the stress of forward-thinking, I tend to fall into that trap myself. But planning ahead can be a good thing if done well. It’s an interesting line we have to,walk, isn’t it?!

  5. Yes indeed, nostalgia can many times be faulty, and can also therefore be dangerous! The picture that resonates the most with me is that of the train, because I loved to travel on trains when I was young.

  6. I do not know why the first photo comforts me so much maybe because it is easy for me to imagine how happy I’d be living there 🙂 It is my favorite because of this feeling, and it is nostalgic for sure. The US flag one is powerful – reminds me of my hometown, very Americana. A nice feeling too as I just arrived back in Asia 🙂

    • Thanks Randall – probably appealed to me because I had the same clothes myself at some point :-). Welcome back to HK – look forward to more wonderful stories in your adopted homeland.

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  8. wonderful post Tina….love these shots…and your words!! I too am always looking ahead & never focusing on the present….hard to play golf when your focus & concentration is already cooking dinner & you are only on the 14th hole😬 Loving the colorful hats!!!

  9. The quote by Steve Marboli is an inspiring way to look at our pasts.
    The photograph ‘Red Checks’ reminded me of a shirt I used to wear tied at the waist with my shorty jeans (age 7 at the time : 0 ).
    Tina, you’ve got a nice selection of nostalgic photographs. I really love them all.
    Hope you’re weekend is relaxing.
    Isadora 😎

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