Hurricane Matthew: Weekly Photo Challenge H2O

“Water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it.”

Margaret Atwood



To be perfectly honest, it seems a bit cruel for this week’s guest host to suggest we post about water as a frighteningly ominous hurricane creeps its way up the southeastern coast of the US. Understandable, of course, since he is on the other side of the world in Australia.  That said, most of those who follow me know I make my home on a barrier island off of South Carolina’s coast – smack dab in the middle of the hurricane’s path. All of my friends, along with my husband and I, have scattered to various safe locations after being evacuated from our homes this past week.



“Water belongs to us all. Nature did not make the sun one person’s property, nor air, nor water, cool and clear.”

Michael Simpson

My husband and I were fortunate to find an available room in a nice hotel in Greenville, SC, about 200 miles from Charleston and the center of the storm.  Everything here is sold out and every time we turn around we’re chatting with someone who’s come from some place close to our home. We are among the fortunate. We are both healthy, have no pets and no kids, and are comfortable as we await word of our fate. We’ve landed in a beautiful town that has much to offer, and we are taking advantage of all of it. Others are not so lucky.



“No water, No life.”

Lailah Gifty Akita

For the past 16 years we have enjoyed the many gifts nature has provided on our little island. The sights and sounds of the ocean and marsh as the tides rise and fall, the beautiful live oak trees – magnificent with their gnarled branches and lacy spanish moss, the gentle ocean breezes and the leafy palm fronds that sway in their path. Is it really possible that all of these elements can turn against us with as much vehemence as is  predicted? Can water, which sustains us throughout our lives, really become our enemy?  We will have to wait and see, but our neighbors in Florida and those in Haiti and the Bahamas would respond, I fear, with a resounding yes.



“Wherever water flows, life flourishes.”


And so we wait – for word on how hard the hurricane has hit our area, for word on how soon we can return to our home, for word on the extent of the damage resulting from the storm and finally, for word on when we can climb out of the storm’s aftermath and get back to normal life. In the meanwhile we will continue to enjoy surprisingly beautiful Greenville, SC. All of this week’s images are from their downtown Falls Park on the Reedy. The park is a massive beautification project which spans 32 acres of verdant foliage, man-made water elements and natural beauty. It was founded in 1967 as a Garden Club project that has made a remarkable impact on the city. We’ve been amazed by this lovely, welcoming place, its shops and restaurants, and its warm, friendly people.

So stay tuned, with any luck I’ll be checking in from home by the time our next photo challenge comes along!


103 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew: Weekly Photo Challenge H2O

  1. Hi Tina – you were on my mind a few times when I watched storm coverage – glad your home was not damaged and wow – this was a nice place to hunker down – that must have been some garden club in ’67.

    Anyhow – as I read the part about the neighbors getting impacted – those in Florida and Haiti – well it reminded me that nobody knew North Carolina would have such horrid flooding – I heard two more deaths this week and so so sad!

    Anyhow – great take on H20 and the micheal Simpson quote is my fav.

  2. Good to hear your home was spared of any damage. You’ve shown us many times the beauty of water and the coast from your slice of paradise in South Carolina, so nice to get a look at Greenville as well. Always good to remember: “Water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it.”

  3. Tina, you have been in my thoughts all week and I am so happy to hear that you came through the storm safely and with minimal damage! How stressful it must have been! xx

  4. Glad to hear you got thru the storm ok and with no damage Tina. I’ll be heading down to Greenville in a few weeks to visit my nephew. Was down there last year…they really did a good job with the downtown area and the park.

  5. A good post and very timely reminder that water is not always our friend. We are just back from visiting family in Japan, but a lot further south than that terrible tsunami of 2011. Greenville looks lovely, but it was a shame your visit was overshadowed by worrying about your home.

    • Thanks Annette. Yes, we did have some serious stress to deal with while visiting Greenville but we’re happy the have such lovely diversions to keep our mind off of the storm. Fortunately the storm was not a disaster for us and we are back to normal, albeit with a much greater appreciation of normal than ever before!

  6. I thought about you last week. I hope all is well. We live in Chesapeake VA and got hit harder than expected – we lost a favorite tree of mine but no damage to the home. Take care Tina

    • Thanks Nora – I did see your post and was surprised the storm traveled so far. Happily we did fine. No problems with the house and only 1 major tree down. The island lost quite a bit of our dunes and many trees, but all of that will recover in time. Happily no lives were lost and very few properties suffered any damage. A very close call for all of us.

  7. a very interesting take on this week’s challenge. it was good to hear that you are fine. you are in a beautiful place – and at the same time, i hope that your home will end up being fine, too. please do keep us posted.

    • Many thanks Kris – we’re back home as of yesterday and thankfully all is well here. It was so awful being far from the center of the storm not knowing what kind of havoc it was wreaking on our home and those of our friends and neighbors. The relief when you see you’ve escaped without a scratch is incredible!

  8. Hope your home fared well and that you are, perhaps, close to going home. My parents (in their 80s and just having returned south to their coastal GA home after the summer) evacuated and have yet to be allowed back. It’s a pain, but a small price to pay for saving life and limb and seemingly getting off fairly easy on the damage. Thinking about you and hoping for good things in the days to come.

    • I agree Lex – we cannot take chances with these storms, they are SO powerful. Happily we returned yesterday and all is well here. Makes us truly appreciate how fortunate we are.

  9. Thanks!  I had a feeling you  left the area for a safer place. Let me know how things are . Love cuzzin lee

    Sent from Samsung tablet

  10. This is a thoughtful post and these are lovely photos from you while you wait. I have been thinking about the fate of your lovely Island and hope the damage has not been too severe. I also was wondering whether you took your stock of beautiful digital photos with you when you left.

    • Many thanks Bunty. First of all YES, I saved 3 things. My computer, my insurance folder, and my backup of my digital photos 🙂 LOL. Happily I didn’t need them as we returned home yesterday and all is well here. The house came through with flying colors and our island survived beautifully, especially considering the strength of the storm. Many thanks for your thoughtfulness and caring!

      • Glad the overall damage to your island was moderate. My neighbour, Cape Breton, was backhanded by Matthew’s heavy rain but not its wind and they are still assessing damage of road and bridge washouts.

  11. All the best to you and yours..
    May your island home and creatures be not too damaged…. Strangely enough here in
    Australia in the South where i live today has seen heavy squalls and hail. Last week we jad a whole month’s worth of rsin in a day….What is going on?
    Take care : ) Trees

  12. OMG, Tina! I’m so sorry that you had to leave your love home. I do hope that things will work out for you. Best wishes from from both my husband and me.

    P.S. Beautiful photos.

    • Thanks John – in fact that’s exactly what happened. House had no damage at all, yard looks like it was hit by a hurricane – oh yeah, it was!!! Happy to be home safe and sound.

    • Thanks Louise – Greenville was indeed lovely and we enjoyed our stay, especially considering the circumstances under which we arrived!! Fortunately we were able to get home on Monday and relieved to find we suffered no damages in the storm. Our island had serious beach erosion and many down trees but was otherwise unscathed. We were very fortunate.

  13. Dear Tina,
    I have been thinking a lot about you this week as Mathew made its way north. Having evacuated you must be very worried about what you are going to find when you get home. I’m very much hoping that damage will be minimal.
    My very best wishes

    • Thanks so much Adrian – we arrived home on Monday, power was restored about an hour later. No damages to the house at all and the island fared much better than expected considering the strength of the storm. Very, very fortunate.

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  15. Water is fluid. So is nature, and in a blink of an eye all of that can turn around. That said, agree with the no water no life quote. We all depend on each other to survive and fine purpose.

    Good to hear that you and hubby are safe, and can afford to move in circumstances like these. Hope the damage isn’t too bad and best wishes ❤

    • Thanks Mabel – happily we had no damage and our island did very well considering the strength of the storm. We were very lucky to be hit at high tide. Great to be home safe and sound!

  16. Lovely photos as usual. I hope that your home is not damaged and everyone stays safe. So when you are advised to evacuate do you have to do so at your own cost? I imagine with a family and pets that must be very difficult unless you have friends or family to go to.

    • Many thanks Jude. Yes, evacuation is definitely on your own nickel. My husband and I commented on how tough it would be with family and pets in tow. Not only expensive but what do you do with 3 kids and a dog every day in a hotel for 5 days???? Fortunately Greenville had lots of beautiful weather so they could be outside all day. We were lucky to have suffered no damage and I found myself hoping the same would be true for the many other evacuees we met along the way.

      • Good to hear that your home was safe. Not so good that there is no assistance for people, although I suppose there may be community shelters for those who can’t afford hotels?

  17. Glad you’re safe, and in a lovely place. And well pointed out that water which sustains us also has the power to destroy us. It reminds us that as humans we cannot conquer everything.

    • Isn’t that the truth WC! Happily the storm chose to leave our home alone and wreak havoc on our neighbors in Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach. Our island was hit at low tide so while the wind was brutal and the waves took big chunks out of our beach, the flooding was minimal and the trees can be removed and replaced!

    • Thanks very much SSM. You are VERY lucky you were grounded as the storm was quite a big hit. Happily our little island did very well and our home suffered no damage. Not so our neighbors in Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach. Amazing to see nature’s power first hand isn’t it?

  18. Beautiful photos and comments as usual. Glad you are far away from it all.

    Stay safe and well. Toni

    On Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 9:53 AM, Travels and Trifles wrote:

  19. I thought about you in advance of the hurricane. Greenville is not a bad place to wait out the storm, having visited there once long, long ago. I hope your home didn’t suffer too much damage.

    Stay well, and fingers crossed for a good fortune.

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