Tiny Stars: Weekly Photo Challenge

“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.”

Stephenie Meyer



This week, like most enthusiast photographers, I went out to photograph the “super, supermoon”. My first attempt was met with a terribly overcast sky such that I never saw the moon until it was very high in the sky. The second try, earlier this evening, was more successful. I did make a few moon shots, but my favorite of the evening was the opening shot above, which captures the last of the sun’s rays and the beautiful north star high above. For me, it’s a great illustration of how important it is to look behind you, as this scene was in the exact opposite direction of the moon.



“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

The good news with this evening’s efforts is that I did capture some moon shots that showed some nice detail of its shadows and crevasses without blowing out the color. The bad news is I was not able to capture much of a foreground so that most of my shots were a bit uninteresting. I was amazed at how quickly the moon went from huge orange globe just above the horizon to a rather yellow, more normal-sized orb. If I’d prepared a bit more I’d have brought someone along to light the foreground, or I’d have shot two exposures, one of which focused on the foreground, and then blended the two shots in post-processing. Proving once more how important it is to plan your shots in advance. Sigh.



“Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: – you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”

E.E. Cummings

I’ll close with a capture of the moon in all its super, supermoon glory just after it cleared the horizon. It would have been more interesting if I’d been able to include the dunes and grasses below. (And if I’d been able to find my remote shutter switch; using self-timer is a bit cumbersome in the dark). Oh well, next time I’ll be a bit more prepared 😊. I’m happy to have tried and to have learned from the attempt. How about you, did you give it a shot?

79 thoughts on “Tiny Stars: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Some lovely moon shots here – thanks for sharing. My poem today is about the beauty of the night in case you have time to have a look? Have a good day, Sam 🙂

  2. I didn’t get a chance to capture the super moon as I was traveling, though I sure thought about it. In previous weeks, I’ve captured some moon shots that worked for me. I try to look behind me regularly, but it’s a hard habit to learn. I’m getting pretty good at it since I started hiking as I learned to check the trail behind as it will look different when we return along the same route. 🙂

  3. WOW….Gary & I are absolutely BLOWN AWAY by these magnificent shots…..however u captured them is just truly mind blowing…..have to say they almost look like paintings….a GREAT achievement in our eyes!!😘

  4. Love the tiny stars! And capturing the supermoon is always special – like the picture with its reflection on the water. I captured it on Saturday and then again on Tuesday night (yet to process those pics)…in between it was very cloudy.

  5. Congratulations on capturing this special moment, and celebrating a special day 🙂 Unfortunately we never saw it as it was too overcast. Oh well, hopefully next time in 2052 !!!

  6. You did a lot better than us Tina. We are in Calgary at the moment and did all our research as to the best place to get The Shot. So before moonrise we were stood on a bridge along with a dozen other photographers and tripods – all with bigger lenses than us, pointing at downtown Calgary. The moon was so beautiful when it came up, but our lack of experience at night photography really let us down. The moon is overexposed in all the shots and not sure that the downtown buildings are really in focus either. I am not sure if it is even possible to get both the buildings and the moon looking good in one photograph, as you say you probably need to put two photos together afterwards. Oh well it was fun, and a really good place to watch the moon. Oh I forgot to say the bridge was a suspension type, so every time someone cycled or jogged over it all our photos were rubbish!!! Might try something different tonight!

  7. Fabulous images Tina ! It’s not easy as you say to get it all together, so much to think about at the time not least that the moon WILL keep on moving lol . I only captured a blurry phone shot, the thick cloud cover was not helping … but hey there is one more to look forward to 14 Dec , maybe we’ll get lucky then 🙂

  8. Beautiful Tina. I didn’t even attempt a shot – Saturday night I saw it large and white rising above the horizon as I drove home, Sunday night there was cloud on the horizon so I didn’t see it until it was well risen and far too bright, last night too cloudy altogether. And I know what you mean about the self-timer in the dark! I had the same issue with my night shots in Barcelona. I must find out how to put that setting on one of my function buttons!

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    • Thanks ladybugzz, sometimes the clouds can improve the photo but too many just ruin it. That’s what happened to me the first night I tried. Tonight might be better–keep trying!

      Sent from my iPad


  10. So beautiful, Tina! It makes me think of a chlldren’s Sunday School song ‘God’s beautiful earth…I love God’s beautiful earth” I would be very happy to serve as your photography sherpa. I’d love to traipse along watching you work!

  11. These are beautiful, Tina. That second one blew me away! I missed this morning’s moon and it was too cloudy at dusk to see anything here. 😦 Thanks for letting me see the supermoon through your lens!

  12. They are all interesting. Makes me miss our marsh setting for the moon shots and the amazing high tides. And, no, I made no attempt to photograph tonight 😬

  13. Beautiful supermoon, Tina. So lucky you got to see it and take a few shots. Sometimes it is hard to plan in advance as you can’t get a feel of the place beforehand. Which is why I like going back to a place to take second shots. But with a supermoon…you only have one shot 😂 It was too cloudy over here to even see the moon!

    • Exactly my sentiments Mabel – and next time it will be rising somewhere else so very hard to plan. It sure was beautiful to see tho. I hope you get another chance, it’s pretty amazing ! >

  14. Beautiful shots. So orange! Interesting refraction of the shape in the third. Just got back from watching it rise magnificently behind the Bay Bridge. Absolutely gorgeous but, as you know, very difficult to capture. Many levels of exposure! Ah well, we enjoyed it with the crowds on the pier. 🙂

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