The Shadow Knows – WPC

“There is strong shadow where there is much light.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Typically photographers will look to avoid shadows unless they are an important part of a creative composition. Over the years I’ve enjoyed capturing the shadows of various gates, fences, windows and other distinctive shapes in my gracious home city, Charleston, South Carolina.



“If you must walk in someone’s shadow make sure it’s your own.”

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Because of the many examples of intricate wrought iron throughout the city, there are interesting shadows everywhere. One need only wander the city throughout the day, following the slant of the sun while minding your footing on our lovely but uneven sidewalks.



“In the dark, where do shadows go?”

Orson Scott Card

Cheri’s challenge this week has motivated me to revisit the beautiful shadows of Charleston. I’m looking forward to seeing what new scenes might catch my eye. Here’s hoping your week holds something new and interesting as well.

65 thoughts on “The Shadow Knows – WPC

  1. Beautiful play with the intricate delicate shadows and I particularly enjoyed the lantern one of Shine a Light. Ah…how I miss not reading Goethe, have a mind to reread following this quote.

  2. You raised an interesting point, Tina. Normally, photographers do everything possible to avoid shadows, but here in your examples they are subjects of your photos. They add to the main subject, accentuate it and make the whole frame far more interesting. Brilliant! I particularly love the refraction in your lamp shot.

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  4. Shadows, living in the place between darkness and light are mysterious and delightful. I have to ask Siri and Selma where the shadows go at nightfall …

  5. I love all these shadows, Tina, and have taken many a shadow shot myself. I smiled at your title because I just used that phrase in a comment to another blogger. I hope no evil lurks in the hearts of men (or women) on this post. 🙂


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