From Vine to Wine – WPC

“Give me wine to wash me clean of the weather-stains of cares”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



This week’s challenge “Against All Odds” brought to my mind the amazing transformation of vine to wine, and all of the things that have to go well in order to create the magic of a wonderful vintage.



“If we sip the wine, we find dreams coming upon us out of the imminent night”

D.H. Lawrence

Perfect weather, years of nurturing special vines, creative winemakers with amazing taste buds, just the right cask for the task, the right amount of time before bottling…..a list long enough to frighten even the most enthusiastic oenophile. And yet somehow it all comes together and the delicious results make it all worthwhile.



“True love is like wine, it gets stronger with age.”

Fahid F. Ibrahim

 The origins of wine are believed to predate written records and have been proven to go back as far as 4000 BC.  It has persevered despite horrific insect infestations, dramatic swings in weather, and even here in the US, prohibition. Now THAT’s what I call “against the odds”.


42 thoughts on “From Vine to Wine – WPC

  1. It is pretty miraculous the way things may be transformed…and especially against all odds. Love the way Emerson gussied up “Gimme that wine.”

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  3. I am sure a myriad of takes on this theme… You have truly chosen a real metamorphosis … from vine to wine… I am sure beating many odds along the way. Wish I could partake!!L!

  4. what a great take on the prompt, Tina. your words were succinct and this is such a fitting topic and then the two photos are perfect to show the before and after – and where was that wine tasting photo taken? just curious

  5. Plus, there is a whole science behind winemaking – enology. Much of it is following from fermentation to blending to the aging process and how flavors come about. Of course, understanding the science does not ensure a good glass, or bottle, of wine.

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