Mix ‘n Match – WPC

“Perception will match reality over time.”

Elon Musk



I must admit that Ben’s challenge for the week “A Good Match” was a tough one for me.  As I thought about perfect matches though, a few ideas came to mind. For example – birds and boats. Here on the South Carolina coast, shrimp boats are often seen on the horizon working their catch. Inevitably we see a flock of birds chasing close behind working the rejected baitfish. While the boats are at rest, so too are the birds 😊.



“A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.”
William Arthur Ward
Here on our little barrier island we are surrounded by the sea and examples of its symbiotic relationship with the creeks and marshes that are fed by it. As the tides come and go, shorebirds of every shape and size are drawn to its riches – minnows, mullet and all manner of marine life present a welcome feast for even the most discriminating of birds.




“Let deeds match words.”


Of course, speaking of the sea, what better match than a full moon rising and moonlit waves? I captured this example of the penumbral lunar eclipse of the full snow moon earlier this month. Happily here in South Carolina the skies were clear and the moonrise was early enough that there was still a bit of light from the sunset reflecting together with the moonlight on the water’s edge.

64 thoughts on “Mix ‘n Match – WPC

  1. I’m always impressed with your creativity, Tina, for it’s not just posting gorgeous images, but in finding quotes, stories, and ways to match the theme. Nicely done!

  2. just gorgeous…Tina!!!! u truly captured the brilliant detail in each shot!! can’t help being totally lost in the maritime moonlight….
    quite amazing!!!

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  4. The pelican in the lower left hand corner of your header is a great example of mix and match them. Also the moon shot while I assume the sun was just sinking is just beautiful!!

  5. Beautiful moon shot, Tina. The moon lookscso big from where you are standing. Like it is about to jump out at you. Also very good timing with the bird shot – looks like that one is about to take off 🕊😏 Perception is subjective…just as each of us experience a different version of reality 😊

    • Thanks Mabel – I think I read that the size of the snow moon is an optical illusion but I’ll tell you it’s the biggest moon I’ve ever seen by far. That building underneath the moon is huge by the way! Appreciate your stopping by and your comment.

    • Thanks Svetlana – it was an excellent challenge for me. The moon was very pale at first and the shot had to be done in manual which I rarely use. Typically the camera is much smarter than i am LOL.

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