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“Roads are for journeys, not destinations.”

Margaret Landon



It seems to me that most everywhere we travel we happen upon interesting roads leading to even more interesting places. My opening capture, for example, was in one of the most remote areas of Scotland. Although our weather while there was mostly beautiful, on this particular day we experienced some of Scotland’s famous damp fog. I found it  quite magical, as was the road we traveled to find it.



“Concentrate on the road ahead, not on the road behind”

Mehmet Murat Ildan

Unlike the fog in my opening capture, the vista above is a better example of Scotland’s incredible light. For every cloudy moment there is an equal or much longer moment during which the sun bathes the fields in glorious sunlight that must be seen to be believed.



“Failure, loss and defeat are just mile markers on the road to success.”

Jeffrey Fry

Speaking of glorious, the Andes Mountains of Patagonia are, in my opinion, exactly that. It’s hard to describe the first time you round a corner and come upon a vista like the one above. Breathtaking in every sense of the word.



“The road to home is when we find our hearts filled with the stories of our people.”

 Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

From majestic to simple, the beauty is the same. Above I’ve shared a capture of a lovely farmhouse in Provence in France. A very friendly pup felt it was his duty to welcome us to his home, set wonderfully within a copse of trees.



“Be bold and fly toward the unknown. Discover a road that was never known.”

Debasish Mridha

From the countryside to the towns, the beauty of Provence travels perfectly along with you. Here we see a small street running through the charming storefronts in the heart of Aix-en-Provence.



“The road never ends … only our vision does.”

Amit Reddy

Not unlike Patagonia, the mountainous areas of China offer stunning vistas at every turn. Above we see the sight that first greeted us as we made our way toward the area of Shangri-La. No wonder it’s come to be synonymous with earthly paradise.



“Potholes on the road of life sharpen our maneuverability skills.”

Kamil Ali

Also in one of the furthest reaches of China’s more remote areas, the beautiful rice fields of Longsheng. If you look VERY closely you can see a rather large truck at the far end of the winding road, which offers perspective on just how amazing this geography can be.



I don’t know where my road is going, but I know that I walk better when I hold your hand.”

Alfred de Musset

Finally (I know, you’re thinking…..about time!!) I’ll close with a personal favorite place….deep in the midst of California’s forest of giant redwoods. Of all the wonderful places I’ve been it stays with me as one of my favorite journeys ever.

May your roads always lead to wonders never imagined.


93 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled – WPC

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  2. Great article, the pictures are amazing! We also loved Scotland, the landscape is gorgeous!:) And South America is next year, can’t wait to discover the beauty of Patagonia 🙂

  3. Roads less traveled…ha, ha…are there any other types of roads 🙂 I definitely say this tongue-in-cheek, as driving on I-5 in Seattle may be the definition of the road most often traveled… Loved the opening shot, but my favorite is “CANINE WELCOME HOME” as there truly is no place like home, especially when a dog (or nieces and nephews) come running out to greet.

    • I agree Randall – makes me wish my family was a bit closer but makes those moments that much more special when they are fewer and more appreciated! Thanks for stopping by – hope all’s well in your world.

  4. The Patagonia Range is very impressive. If you do not want to travel that far, it is Colorado on US-24 west of Colorado Springs. Once you travel over Wilkerson Pass, you’ll enter the South Park area with the Collegiate Range to the west. It is breathtaking and plenty of vistas to take in and to photograph.

    • Thanks David – have actually been there! Have good friends who live in Colorado Springs and each time we’ve visited they’ve taken us to their favorite hikes and drives. It’s glorious out there!!

      • Small world, isn’t it? There are a couple places on BLM land that is absolutely gorgeous, however the only access is through private property.

        Then, there is one spot on the main Fort Carson military reservation that is just like wild prairie. The Army closed off the range to day passes several years back when someone illegally hunted for deer. Also, they have a large reservoir sitting in a canyon. Gorgeous water when seen from above, but you have to trail hike down a steep path to reach the shore for fishing.

  5. Tina, these are just glorious! Although they are all terrific, my favorite is the one from Scotland…so soft and soothing and pastoral…or, as you noted: magical!

    • Thanks Kimball – for some reason the atmospheric conditions in Scotland create both incredibly moody, soft fog or glorious light. It’s amazing really. You’d love it 🙂 >

  6. I am trying not to give in to envy…all the places you’ve traveled to. Strangely enough, in this group, the canine welcome home stands out for me though – no grand scenery, but what a feeling it conveys. A beautifully crafted post!

    • Thanks so much Lynn – I’ve been really fortunate to have seen so much of the world and yet I feel there’s so much still to see! So many places, so little time 🙂

  7. Great photos, beautifully enhanced. Thoughtful, eclectic quotes too. Superb. Is that Utah in your banner photo (the car through the natural stone arch)?

  8. WOW….i am COMPLETELY blown away by this post…..everyone of these shots looks like a painting…..just gorgeous!!!
    your opening shot is so magical….well…as are all the rest….i am so in love with the rice fields as well as all of your other shots from China (separate post)…am a proud owner of your book on China!!! TU😜

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  10. Beautiful scenery all round, Tina. So many roads and twists and turns. Love the last one and the way you framed it, looks like a cheeky car coming for you 😊 It is views like these that you have to stop and take it all in, and then take a shot 😊

  11. So happy to have traveled many roads with you vicariously ….. Scotland experience reminded me of the four seasons we would experience in a day! Always love that familiarly redwood road….

  12. OMG…. Tina those are the most beautiful photos. You have really been fortunate to see so many wonderful places in our world. Thank you for sharing.

  13. You’ve take some beautiful roads to some astonishingly beautiful destinations, Tina. Thanks for sharing them with us. If the road to a wonderful destination is also wonderful, it’s a double blessing.


  14. You’re a very fortunate lady, Tina. Beautiful places..beautiful shots. Those rice fields…wow! But the Canine Welcome Home…felt like home.

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  16. I like them all very much for the way you treated them this time, Tina. Your captures and thoughts about Scotland make us look even more forward to our upcoming road tour to the remote places in the north. As always, the carefully choosen quotes are framing your photos in the best way.

    • Thank you Dina – I envy that your trip is still ahead while mine is behind! That photo is from the far northwest of Scotland, which was stunningly beautiful. I had a wonderful time trying to take it all in both with my eyes and my lens. I’m sure you will as well.

    • Thanks Jude – the redwood forest is a truly magical place. About as ethereal as I’ve ever experienced. Dwarf is the only word for how they make everything around them look and feel.

    • Thanks 2fish. Yes, I’d seen photos of this area and was compelled to see it. It was a photographer’s dream, as I’m sure the Banaue terraces were. Amazingly beautiful

  17. Hi Tina. Stunning scenes. Your travel has been a blessing. The lighting and scenes in the Scottish shots remind me very much of my homeland (Ireland), which I remember you have also travelled to. To my shame, I have yet to visit Scotland. Some day I hope!

    • Thanks Micheal. I was stunned by the quality of light and the beautiful scenery in Scotland. It’s been several years since I was in Ireland. May be time for a revisit!

  18. Marvelous photos all. I especially like the way you captured the light and landscape of Scotland. It has been a while since I visited, but your photos rekindled my memories. Excellent entry for this week’s challenge.

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