Photography as Art – WPC Atop

“A photograph is not about the click in the camera but the “click” in the mind of the photographer”

Arturo Macias Uceda



My approach to this week’s challenge “Atop” comes from a conversation I was involved in earlier this week about photography as art.  Other than photojournalists, I believe that beyond  documenting the world around us,  photographers can use tools such as textures and other effects to express creativity through post processing. Purists may argue this is not photography. Perhaps not in the classic sense, but applying one’s artistic vision is, to me, a wonderful opportunity to interpret our art in new and innovative ways.



“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas

So what does all this have to do with our “atop” challenge? Well, first, when you apply textures to photographs, you place the texture atop the photo before you begin work on the end product. So using textures does quite literally meet the challenge. More figuratively though, we use editing tools to turn a photograph from a mirror image into our artistic interpretation of the object or scene – thereby offering a second meaning atop that of the original capture.



“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”


As a young artist, I wanted very much to draw and/or paint but alas I recognized early on that it was not a talent I possessed.  When I discovered photography in my early 20s I felt as if an entirely new world had opened up to me.  The camera gave me a way to express myself – in my compositions, in the way I captured light, and in a thousand other ways. To me the amazing tools available to today’s photographic artists offer yet another avenue for expressing our individuality.



“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”

Alberto Giacometti

I love photography. Nothing beats the feeling of downloading a new set of captures and finding  exactly what you’d hoped to see. But sometimes a photograph can be a mere first step in the creative process.  Just as a painter might use oils, watercolors, pencils, charcoal, brushes, etc, so too today’s photographers have a wealth of tools from which to draw.  Personally, I’m an advocate of anything that helps us to achieve our artistic goals, especially when it also adds to the fun 😀.

73 thoughts on “Photography as Art – WPC Atop

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  3. I love your thoughts and outlook… and the artsy photos had me scrolling a few times.
    and really liked this point:
    “applying one’s artistic vision”
    reminding us that it is what we want to do – our vision and ours alone…

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  5. I’m a technophobe. But I know what I like, and what I want to achieve—I want to take good photos straight off, with no fiddling or tweaking; but that ain’t gonna happen.
    And then I discover a secret nagging little ‘something’, that a wee tiddle and fweak here and there actually enhances shots … then dammit, I’m hooked!

    And your shot above ‘Faded Beauty’ really appeals to me~

    • Thanks very much Argus – I’m not a geek myself but do enjoy playing with tools now and then to see what kind of art can be made from a favorite shot. On the other hand, nothing beats the perfection of a pure shot that turns out exactly as you’d hoped!

  6. Wow, you’ve got a touch with the textures Tina ~ your quote “opportunity to interpret our art in new and innovative ways” is perfect, it allows everyone the opportunity to interpret the world as they see it (or wish to see it). The true value of an artist. The world definitely needs more artist, adding meaning to the world/photography/life in general, finding something and making it special and having fun in the process. Can there be anything better? I think this is what also makes blogging special, it allows the artist to ‘represent … their inward significance.” You do this so well 🙂 Wishing you a great spring Tina, and please continue to wow us all.

    • Thanks Randall – you are one who does this so well, it’s great to hear your confirmation of the approach. Your dream-like posts that weave stories around your photography are among the best examples of artistry I know! And a great spring to you too!

  7. I’ve thought about this subject and talked with others, too.
    Your description of photography as art makes the case perfectly.
    “Faded Beauty” is wonderful

    • Thanks very much Inger. I used photoshop to create a texture layer on top of each photo and then used Nik’s Color FX Pro for some additional effects. You can create your own textures or purchase them from a number of online sources. Nik’s tools are now free as they are part of Google. >

      • Thank you so much Tina! I haven’t heard if Nik’s color FX pro before so I will have to check it out😀

  8. Beautiful photographs? Works of art? Beautiful photographic art!

    Tina, your thoughts echo my own. If I were a photojournalist then yes, what the camera captures is the photograph. However I am not a photojournalist so for me the press of the shutter is only just the beginning, the first step towards achieving what I the image I “see” when I press the shutter.

  9. Good grief every time I think you can’t outdo the previous post you come up with another fabulous set of images. Every week is a new stroll through my fav art gallery….thank you!! ds

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  11. truly lovely especially the azalea and faded beauty – I love the use of textures and scripts in particular. I used to think photography should be kept pure, but have realised that there is a great amount of enjoyment to be had in creating something different from a photograph. You have reminded me that it has been an age since I used textures!

  12. Love that first quote, Tina. Art clicks something in our mind, and then it is our creativity that determines the rest of the puzzle. I am sure you were a good painter but you were more in love with photography 😊 I too like looking at photos I’ve taken – seeing what I’ve got, seeing what I might be able to do. Endless experimentation and hours of playing 😊

    • Thanks Mabel but truth be told, I was a horrible painter! But that’s OK, we all have strengths and weaknesses. It’s all about finding what you love and being as good at it as you can be. And I’m fine with that!

    • Thanks Marie. As you know, nothing beats a wonderful capture. But let’s face it, for every great photo there are at least a few not-so-great. The thing I love about Textures and effects is that you can create a wonderful piece of art from a photo that you might previously have discarded as a non-favorite. And enjoy doing it!

      • Hi Marie. Textures are used within Photoshop. Basically you layer pictures over each other and then blend them to allow pieces of each layer to bleed through in varying degrees. I was using the term “effects” to refer in general to the many other techniques available in post-processing—using programs like Nik or Topaz to play with other effects. Thanks for your interest! >

  13. A new avenue to get your creative juices flowing. Very pretty, Tina. Faded Beauty caught my eye. Heard it’s freezing on Kiawah- a good time to be in front of the computer experimenting.

  14. Miss T…. You’ve outdone yourself! These are exquisite; you truly are a very talented artist! Did you use some of the layers workshop? Whatever you did is magical 🙂

    • Thanks very much Lisa. One of the things I like about textures is many of us may capture similar photos but each of us can interpret as we see fit and no 2 will be alike 🙂 >

  15. Beautiful artistic photographs and reflections on art and photography as a whole. This is a wonderful personal article with an interesting selection of quotations and your last line sums it up so well: ‘ Personally, I’m an advocate of anything that helps us to achieve our artistic goals, especially when it also adds to the fun 😀.’

  16. Yes! Love this. Textures, and manipulating photos opens a whole new world of art for me. I can’t draw or anything either, but I can work with PS and create art that way. These are beautiful images!!

  17. Well……just in case the “purists” are critical of these…..I love them! Especially Beautyberries……feels like another era. On the other hand, “Abstract Art” is much more aligned with Helen and my taste in “art”—love it too!

    Would love to commission a work from you—-but I’m guessing your going rate is about the same as what I charge to babysit people’s kids. That would be $1000 an hour (plus food) Lol….

    Love to you and B……hope a round of golf is in your near future.


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