Old Sheldon Church – WPC Wanderlust

“To wander is to be alive.”

Roman Payne



Those who follow Travels and Trifles know that I have been fortunate to wander quite far afield, to places as distant as Africa, Asia and Australia among others. But they may also remember my New Year’s pledge to explore some of the beautiful places much closer to my home city, Charleston South Carolina.



“Never stop wandering into wonder.”

Suzy Kassem

This week I wandered a mere 90 minutes from home to capture the beauty of a local landmark, the ruins of Old Sheldon Church.  Dating back to the mid 1700s, it was partially burned during the American Revolution and was rebuilt in the mid 1800s.  Several notables are buried in the churchyard, including Governor William Bull I who died in 1755.



“Half the world is wandering, the other half is lost.”

Jenim Dibie

Much as we do when exploring foreign countries, a friend and I hit the road before dawn (not my favorite thing) to explore Old Sheldon and nearby Caw Caw Nature Preserve (more on that next week). It was a beautiful morning with some lovely low-lying fog which unfortunately had dissipated before we arrived.  We had the ruins to ourselves as we wandered about the grounds shooting to our hearts’ content.



“I don’t wander to explore the outer physical world , I do it to explore the universe inside me.”

Appu Nirmal

Wanderlust is defined as “a strong desire to travel”.  But who says you have to go far in order to satisfy your wanderlust? Sure, a trip to foreign lands is a fantastic adventure. But whether around the world or around the corner, the important thing is to keep your eyes and your mind open to the wonders of our world both near and far.

74 thoughts on “Old Sheldon Church – WPC Wanderlust

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  3. If I can be very original… wow just wow and there you have I am guilty of comment plagiarism. Amazing photos of a very photogenic subject. Especially the first photo – wow just wow (okay and the 2nd) 🙂

  4. When walking among ruins, occasionally you can hear the whispers of the past. They’re noticed more in the dead of night into the early morning hours.

    Always special getting up and hitting the road pre-dawn. The world is much different when it’s still sleepy and you can get to places before anyone notices you’re awake. Also, you probably you can get a better breakfast on the road at the earlier hour. 🙂

    • Thanks David – the world is indeed different at that hour – almost worth waking up for! Agree with you about the spirits although this spot doesnt really have that feel. But I definitely know what you mean! Charleston has many a location that fits the bill.

    • Thanks Issy – my husband and I evac-cu-cationed in Greenville this fall when the hurricane hit. It was a lovely little surprise. We’re lucky to have such beauty so nearby!

      • HA HA … love that word. It’s a sad situation when a hurricane is coming right towards your area. When Hurricane Charlie hit here several years ago, my friends evacuated to our home from their beach house. Ironically, the hurricane turned and hit my area instead. A true indication that Mother Nature wants to remain mysterious. : )

    • Thanks Margaret – people come from all over the world to see Charleston and it’s environs so I consider myself very lucky to have so much to see and shoot without going far afield!

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  6. That is a lovely purple morning sky. And not far back to your bed 😉 Love the Suzy quote. Wander and we dream and use our imagination. As Lex said, I too get out of bed easier when I’m on the road. At home, I’ll take a sleep in until 10, 11am any day 😂

    • I used to be able to do that Mabel but haven’t done it in a million years. My friends all kid me because I sleep until 7:30 – which seems quite early enough for me thank you! Appreciate your stopping by.

  7. Gorgeous. I have been wandering close to home this spring as well. It is amazing what we allow ourselves to overlook, just because they are so easy-access. This ruin is marvelous–but I especially love the trees! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Easy for me to say it was worth getting up early for, as a) I always wake up early (5:30-ish, unfortunately) and b) you had to get up, not I. 🙂 Lovely, lovely shots and did you see Sue Judd’s spin-off?


  9. Where are you guys?  I,m leaving naples on may 5th for   May   June   July   Aug   Return  after labor day.

  10. Beautiful post, Tina. I agree that we don’t have to go to foreign land just to fulfil our wanderlust. It could be anywhere, even we could also wander to the park in the corner of city where we live in to explore how the place is. It could be anywhere in this beautiful universe 😄

  11. Such a magical and spirit filled place. I love how you were able to capture the sun rising in the first shot. The trees just add to the beauty and mystery.

  12. Beautiful shots, Tina, especially your lead image, and that oak is spectacular in the others. What a special spot and I’m glad you finally got there. Well worth the early start!

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    • Thanks Rusha – Cannot believe I’ve lived here almost 20 years and hadn’t been there before. Yikes! As for the early rise, it always does add to the mystique, doesn’t it?!

  14. Your message about exploring close to home is so true, Tina. And I laughed about getting up early (as you would in a foreign country) – I always spring out of bed at any hour when I’m traveling but suffer terribly when doing the same at home.

  15. Oh, wonderful old ruin…puts me in mind of Netley Abbey in the UK…I must revisit my photos, I’m sure I have one or two worth posting!
    Shame the fog had dissipated, that would have been quite eerie, Tina! And I completely concur with you that we can wander nearer to home rather than always focussing on the distant…..

    • Thanks Sue. Yes, I’m really working on exploring more around my home. People come from all over the world to see Charleston (we are the #1 travel location in the US according to many sources) so I need to remember to capture our local treasures more often! >

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