You’ve Got a Friend – WPC

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”

Linda Grayson



In my travels I’ve noticed and often times captured the affection of friends around the world.  For example, I’ve opened with a pair of young ladies who are sharing an obvious friendship as well as an umbrella. This was a fairly common occurrence in China, where umbrellas are used for protection from the sun as much as from rain.



“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

Helen Keller

I couldn’t hear the conversation of these youngsters, and  wouldn’t have understood their language if I had, but somehow I think I got the gist of the situation 😀. The little swimmer may have been willing to listen to the lecture he was getting, but surely his was the last laugh since he’d already enjoyed his refreshing “au natural” dip in the waters surrounding Angkor Wat.



“Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.”

William Shakespeare

I loved the exuberance and joy these three children showed as they greeted us along their way home from school in Botswana.  In my travels I’ve observed that kids find a way to overcome whatever obstacles life throws their way. This capture was made in a very poor area where school is seen as a rare privilege. These three were obviously enjoying their time together once their work for the day was done.



“The best mirror is an old friend.”

George Herbert

In places where a bicycle is a rare and valued possession, how fun to be able to share it with one’s best friend.  I found the smiles on these young girls even more captivating than their snazzy shoes.



“Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.”


Speaking of snazzy shoes……these two colorful ladies on the streets of Beijing were engrossed in what seemed to be a very serious conversation.  Once again, their umbrellas were meant to shade them from the sun rather than keep them dry.

It seems umbrellas were a common theme as I put together today’s post. Friendship too could be seen as an umbrella that protects us from our troubles as we navigate through our lives. Somehow laughter feels better and sorrow more tolerable when shared with a good friend. Here’s to the friendships we treasure – and always remember the most important advice on the subject……to have a good friend, be one!



73 thoughts on “You’ve Got a Friend – WPC

  1. Lovely captures of friendship, Tina! And wonderful quotes and thoughts. Sometimes we can get a gist of it even without understanding the language just because the thoughts manifest themselves in pictures.

  2. Indeed friends with benefits (chocolate) is amazing! Save the palnet it is the only one with chocolate.
    Actually what I appreciate more than the chocolate is friends hiking with me, this expecience combined with nature which makes it possible enthuses me

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  4. Beautiful street photography, Tina. Never knew this side of you 😊 Wonderful thoughts about friendship too. Sharing is the best part about a good friendship – like chocolate, you take it and it’s an amazing feeling knowing someone’s got your back. It’s all.about giving and sharing. Beautiful candid captures and love how they smiled at you. You were probably their highlight of the day 😊

    • Hadn’t thought of that Mabel, we probably WERE the highlight of their day! Glad you enjoyed this one – and love your analogy about chocolate! Thanks as always for your visit and comment.

  5. Great post, I love all the quotes (i used friend quotes too) I especially love your photography, you have been able to capture some wonderful interactions between people.

  6. Your wonderfully stated words always seem to. Bring a tear to my eye and a smile on my face … your post makes me think of how lucky I am to have all of my friends here on kiawah …,thank u dear friend for reminding us all😘

  7. A great set of images, Tina….and we are right there, in the image, as it were…. And the ‘to have a good friend, be one’is bang on

  8. I was noting and thinking about the umbrella theme in there, too, and you wrapped it up perfectly at the end! Beautiful photos of some beautiful people.

  9. you do things quite unique with your camera Tina and bring us viewers right in with you – every one a winner

  10. “Ain’t it good to know , you got a friend”
    Lovely post. The joy just shines through those smiles and it’s contagious …you can’t help smiling back!

  11. These are all very unique photographs, Tina. I agree, the exuberant children seem to be enjoying their 15 minutes of fame. 😊
    When I lived in Puerto Rico for a year umbrellas 🌂 were used for shade as well as rain ☔️ too. I always wear a hat to protect my skin.
    Wonderful selections … 👍😍

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