The Natural Order – WPC

“There is no ‘natural order’, only the way things are.”

Hanna Rosin



This week’s challenge “order” brought to my mind the many aspects of nature that are as orderly as anything arranged by the hand of man. Creationists may argue with scientists over how it all started and why it all works so well, but one thing is certain, there are amazing examples of order to be found in nature.



“Dance first, think later. It’s the natural order.”

Samuel Beckett

Have you ever given any thought to our universe, and how every single thing in it has a purpose? From the tiniest insect to the tallest tree, we are only beginning to understand the importance of the elements that surround us.



“I have a kind of respect – a worshipful attitude even – for nature and the natural order.”

Sidney Poitier

I must agree with Mr. Poitier -whatever your beliefs it is impossible for a thinking person to overlook the wonders that surround us. Having a bad day or feeling a bit blue?Β  A simple walk among the trees or a deep breath of an ocean breeze is oftentimes enough to get set right again.



“Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy – pure creative energy.”

Julia Cameron

How is it that the ocean’s waves roll in with a perfect tempo – and leave behind an amazing pattern on the sand? How do those patterns remain visible many centuries later to tell us what our earth must have looked like long before we humans arrived?Β  Closer examination of the chaos around us demonstrates the incredible complexity of perfectly arranged shapes and lines more often than not.



“The natural order will emerge only if we let go of the fear of the disorder.”

Judith Malina

I admire the scientists who explore and explain the complexities of our universe as much as I appreciate the faith of those who believe in a powerful creator. For me though, it’s enough to recognize and appreciate the beauty of the world around us without understanding the how and why.Β  Would that everyone could simply accept the perspectives of those whose ideology differs from their own. If only.

71 thoughts on “The Natural Order – WPC

  1. I love this post especially how thoughtfully you combine the text with the quotes and the photos. I have started noticing that so much of nature and our bodies are reflected in each other… how a walnut looks so much like the brain, how the whorl of a fingerprint is seen in the design and format of a shell…So many examples.

    Your photographs are very dramatic and beautiful. Well done!!!


  2. Great take on the challenge, Tina! It’s funny that we chose the same title – with two very different ways of looking at order in nature. Love your macro perspective!

  3. Tina,
    These are terrific selections for the challenge. Nature does have a certain order if we look carefully.
    My favorite is ‘Ripples’. It looks like it could be anything. Before I read the title I thought it was sand
    in the morning after the waves have washed away.
    Have a super weekend …
    Isadora 😎

  4. A great and thoughtful take on the challenge! I did give a little thought to posting something along these lines (not that I could have expressed myself as eloquently as you did), but the engineer in me won out. My thought is that there is a big difference between “order” as it appears in nature vs. that created by humans. I think that order in nature actually comes out of a chaotic process, whereas humans look for simplistic and straightforward solutions that result in a kind of order that is not always pleasant.

  5. ‘the ocean’s waves roll in with a perfect tempo’ and patterns in the sand. So very observant as usual, Tina. Nature may be wild and unpredictable like seasons coming and going as and when they like, but there is certainly order in the simple things right in front of us. Come to think of it, there is order when a day comes and goes – the sun rises, and the sun sets. Every, single, day and this whole cycle is such an amazing wonder of this world. Our world operates in patterns and cycles more than we know it πŸ˜€ Hope you are enjoying summer, Tina. Go out there and enjoy the warm weather, and take more photos πŸ™‚

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  7. This is one of my favorite posts of your Tina! Such beautiful writing and photos and such thought provoking prose. I do often wonder about these things. Our planet and nature are quite extraordinary.

  8. I always like seeing an announcement that a new post from you awaits. Your combination of thoughtful reflection, photos and wondrous quotes are always welcome and provocative. This reflection on the wonder and order of nature is especially intriguing. Like for you, Nature is a my way to set things right again, again. As you note, if only all could just be accepting of each other and in appreciating nature–that combination would make the world a better place. Thanks again for a lovely post.

  9. Don’t know if mine counts(a little prejudice) however I think this combination of photos and writings, especially your thoughts are some of your best……..and that’s saying a lot.
    Waterlines, may be a painting on a Venetian blind.

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