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“Earth, water, fire, and wind. Where there is energy there is life.”

Suzy Kassem



Our earth is filled with wondrous places vibrant with color and teeming with life. Some of the swamps of South Carolina offer a view into what our world may have looked like centuries before landfill became an option and development became the order of the day.



“Nature that framed us of four elements…..doth teach us all to have aspiring minds.”

Christopher Marlowe*

Here we observe life at it’s most fundamental. Creatures not often seen in other environments are plentiful here – one need only pause to hear their calls. Perhaps they are warning others of our approach, or more likely they are simply communicating in ways we cannot begin to understand.



“Awareness is a mirror reflecting the four elements.”

Nhat Hanh

In these primitive environments we see our earth at its most basic. Deep dark waters house fallen leaves while reflecting the colors of the sky and the sturdy trees that surround them. The heat of the day begins to fade as the cool waters envelop us and we pass more deeply into the realm of the arboreal canopy.



“Warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of a child.”

Carl Jung

A moment’s pause in the heart of this environment brings a very particular peace if we are open to it. The sun’s rays are filtered and softened and the air is a tangible thing – somehow heavier and lighter at the same time. The whisper of the breeze can be heard above the peculiar noises of the swamp’s creatures, and at the center of it all, the swamp’s waters nourish both the life of its inhabitants and the soul of its visitors.  As John Muir said “In every walk with nature, one receives much more than he seeks.”  How very true.


*This quote has also been attributed to Niccolo Machiavelli


WPC Elemental

104 thoughts on “Water Water Everywhere – WPC Elemental

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  2. Drain the swamp! .. ha
    These are awesome — question – what is the name of the stuff that floats on the water around there ..Duck something??
    Is that what is on your top opening photo of your site ? with ?lilipads ? popping out of it?
    That is such s cool photo!

  3. Buatiful photos but I wish I could proclaim water water everywhere in out beautiful Cape. In 2013 and 2014 the dams feeding Cape Town at this stage of the year were overflowing at more than 100% full. In 2015 it was 71% full, last year 51% and currently 31% with the raint season almost over!!

    • Oh dear, that does NOT sound good. On the other hand, here in the US, Houston (our 4th largest city) is totally overwhelmed with a deluge of water from a hurricane. it’s a complete disaster. So I suppose there are worse things than a drought. BTW good friends are visiting Cape Town this month so please order up some good weather for them!

  4. “…somehow heavier and lighter at the same time.” I love the quotes here, and yours, too! The photos remind us that it doesn’t always have to be a classic mountain or beach or perfect garden – there is much simmering under the surface in swampy places. Lovely, lovely post!

  5. You’ve got such great contrast with your first three shot ~ beautiful work Tina. I’m very big on water, it has greatly influenced where I’ve lived and I love to explore water in every type of environment. Your first shot (my favorite and a spectacular shot) is something that gets the mind thinking about how it would feel to walk around this area, and then it occurred to me that I’ve never been to a true swamp. I’ve got a new goal 🙂 The creativity of your work helps with these dreams ~ wishing you a great week ahead.

    • Thanks so much Randall. I remember when I moved here some of my northern friends laughed when I said we had a view of the marsh. They said marsh=swamp and disparaged it. Little did they know they are not at all alike and both are gloriously beautiful in their own ways. Nature abounds and one cannot help but feel the peace. I’m with you, living near, if not on, water is a must for me too.

      Hope you are enjoying your new environment and will be posting again soon!

      Sent from my iPhone


    • Many thanks Clem. There are so many great choices today I’d spend some time doing research online. So many variables (cost, size, lowlight tolerances, it goes on and on and depends on what’s important to you.) Pay as much attention to lenses as camera. Most importantly try some online photography and photo editing classes, both can help immensely! Good luck 😀 >

  6. Great post, Tina. Love your Magnolia Swamp shots, especially the lead. Such a special place. (I assume that’s where these are, but there are lots of swamps in the south!) 🙂

  7. Had no idea this was part of South Carolina. It looks so green, so lush and every bit inviting. My favourite shot is the one of the Earth and Sky – the blue and green go so well together. Agree with your sentiment there is something so basic about being out there in nature, out there in the wild. You just don’t know when the next creature will appear, or when the next storm will come around. Sounds like summer is still underway for you, and hope the weather lingers a bit more so you can go out and about 🙂 Love the John Muir quote at the end. It is amazing what the world can give to us when we are not looking and just going about what we want to do 🙂

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  9. wonderful captures Tine….love ‘earth n sky’ …the reflection is gorgeous!!! Also love the impressionistic opening shot of the water lillies……just beautiful!!

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