Waiting for Irma – WPC

“Waiting’s exhausting.”

Toba Beta



For the vast majority of time, life on a barrier island is idyllic. When one is waiting to see if a devastating Category 5 hurricane is heading your way, one wonders if perhaps there may have been a better choice of locale.

Count us among the Waiting for Hurricane Irma Evacuation orders, hoping not to get them.

WPC: Waiting



122 thoughts on “Waiting for Irma – WPC

    • Linda, thanks so much for worrying about us! We did get a bit off schedule due to power outage, then cleanup and of course exploring the island to see what Irma had wrought! But all is well and Iā€™m good to go for the next photo challenge! >

  1. just headed back to the island…. all is well…the angst whether here or away is great. Thank you for taking a seemingly calm photo of the ensuing storms……. Rudyard Kipling’s poem comes to mind….. “If”…

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